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Dell/AW GTX 770M on MS 16F32


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You need an other heatsink for kepler cards.

New MSI MEDION Heat Sink nVidia GTX780 GTX770 E31-0406580-Y31 | eBay with cpu bridge

New MSI MEDION Heat Sink nVidia GTX670MX GTX675MX GTX680M E31-0406162-Y31 | eBay without cpu bridge

both are 100% compatible with all kepler cards. the first one with cpu bridge has a better thermalmanagment.

the seller offers also an original MSI GTX770M MSI GTX770 M Nvidia GTX 770M GPU 3GB MXM 3.0 N14E-GS-A1 | eBay

i recommend using this backplate for all kepler cards, for ca. 5°C less: MSI Medion Backplate for nVidia GTX,570M, 670M 675M , 680M; E31-10803350-Y31 | eBay

currently I use a MSI GTX870M + with CPU Heatsink Bridge in my MS-16F3, before that I had a MSI GTX770M + without CPU Bridge Heatsink (works now in a MS-1762).

@hans123 the Dell GTX680M with svl7´s Mod Bios has worked in your MS-16F3 without any problems ? Comes the Bios from here? : http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1847-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks.html or has svl7 this created specialy for your system ?

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Is it possible to flash Dell's card without bricking it?

no you cannot.

This is different for each card. Dell GTX 675M can be flashed with MSI vBIOS, GTX 560M as well.

GTX770M cannot. I've tried on 2 different cards and bricked them both. Neither clevo nor msi vbios work on dell GTX770m

It's a different card layout, chip is the same.

So no, you cannot flash dell GTX 770M with different vbios.

(probably that's why dell 770m doesnt work in 16f2 but clevo 770m works.)

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Good to know! But you can flash svl7 vbios on dell cards!

it depends on which dell card. You can on 675, 560, 570, ...

770M does NOT work. tested.

- - - Updated - - -

So, you're saying Dell won't work in 16F3. Can svl7 do something about it?

Not sure about 16F3. It definitely doesnt work on 16F2 (and 1761 for that matter.) - sandy bridge notebooks without optimus.

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What would happen if I inserted Dell's card and started up the system?

You can try.

Chances are it will work!

On 16F2 it doesnt POST. Just stuck on MSI logo. Don't worry, it wont explode :D

Go ahead and try it out without flashing...

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