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  1. The .inf file svl7 linked for download has worked for me for a little over a year now, but now I'm wondering if maybe he has made a more up-to-date .inf file for versions newer than 320.49. I noticed the newer drivers use a inf. file with the name "nvcvi" as opposed to "nvcvn".
  2. Hello all! I really hope I'm not breaking any rules or anything by doing this, but I have a quick question. I'm currently using svl7's 770m inf. file for driver version 320.49 for my Alienware M15x. It works awesomely, and svl7 is a lifesaver, but I've had this particular driver for a good bit over a year now, and I was just wondering if he had maybe released a more up-to-date inf. file for the newer drivers for the 770m for the Alienware M15x. I noticed the newer drivers use a inf. file with the name "nvcvi" as opposed to "nvcvn". Thanks again everyone for y'all's help! P.S. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64x
  3. I ended up doing what you did. It wasn't my initial action because I didn't have a 2.5" enclosure (I was using a 3.5" HDD converted into an external hard drive.) Without the 2.5" enclosure, I was basically adding 2-3 extra steps into the equation. However, I ended up just getting a 2.5" enclosure, and am now using the SSD. Thank you all for your help.
  4. Okay guys, I'm really stuck. My desktop PSU went bad probably about a year ago, (I thought the computer was completely fried) so I took out the HDD and began using it as an external hard drive. I formatted it, and used it however I needed it. I finally got around to repairing my desktop, and it now works. So I formatted the HDD again, and put it back into the desktop. When I attempt to install Windows 7 via a disk, however, I get this error: "No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation." I attempted to find drivers and install them onto a USB to allow me to use the HDD, unfortunately none of them worked though. I have absolutely no idea what to do now. Any help would be appreciated! Here are some specs: HP Pavilion a824n PTGD1-LA motherboard Western Digital WD Caviar SE WD2000 One final note: When I click "Load Driver" then click "Browse" it detects the HDD, so I don't believe the HDD is faulty. Thanks again!
  5. "Note: If you have a laptop, this becomes a bit more difficult, since you only have room for one hard drive in your computer. You'll either have to get an SSD big enough to fit all your data, or remove your optical drive and replace it with a second hard drive." Removing the optical bay was what I was trying to avoid (that was actually the first guide of all of the n + 1 guides I tried). I've decided it would just be easier to get a 2.5" enclosure for the SSD to essentially "cut out the middleman." In which case, I've found a guide for that. Thank you for your help! I'll let y'all know if I stumble upon anymore trouble.
  6. Okay guys, I'm completely stumped. I've tried for about the past two days now to transfer all of my data from my current 250gb HDD to my new 128gb SSD in my Alienware M15x. There's only 69.7gb on the old hdd, and I've shrunken the partition down to 106gb to fit into the 128gb (119gb in actuality) SSD. The M15x only has one SATA port (correct term?) for me to fit in an HDD/SSD, so I'm forced to use a 200gb external hard drive (again, the partition shrunken down to 94.1gb to fit into the new SSD) as a "middleman" to transfer the data. I've attempted the "Create a system image" option by creating a system image in the external hard drive, taking out the HDD and replacing it with the SSD, putting in a Windows 7 64x installation disk, and selecting the "Repair my computer" option to recover the system image from the external hard drive into the new SSD. When I try to do so, however, I can an error message stating: "No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found." Another note: When I attempt to create my own system repair disk and use them, I get an error message (I forgot what it said, it was just a bunch of numbers), therefore I'm forced to use a different Windows 7 64x disk I got off the internet (and that I know works). I do have the original Windows 7 64x disk that came with the Alienware M15x, however, when I attempt to use that, I never get the "Repair your computer" option, it only gives me the option to install the OS. So essentially, here is my question: Does anyone know how I can transfer my OS/data from my old HDD to my new SSD? If you new any more details, or anything else to help me resolve this problem, feel free to ask. Thank you in advance!
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