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  1. For me, I think that I need solid lightweight chassis with upgrade-able GPU, more ergonomic keyboard (ex. those like Thinkpad and Elitebook) and a BIOS with any GPU upgrade-able capabilities.
  2. Hi Prema Does a Dell GTX 770M need vbios flash to work with Clevo P150EM? I read somewhere that Dell nVDIA VGA card need to be flashed with Clevo BIOS in order to work with Clevo laptop?
  3. Hi Prema I've also purchased a GTX 770M. Please shed me a light on how to make this card work on this laptop. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, I bought my Sager as a secondhand notebook from a seller. He told me that this notebook is Sager NP 9130. It has back-lit keyboard, rubberize finish and the sticker on the undercover shows "Model: P150EM". So I'm really confuse here because reading from the internet I know that Sager NP 9130 is Clevo P151EM. Btw, I flashed the BIOS with Clevo P151EM's BIOS file and it's running fine now but the color of the keyboard LED didn't keep across shutdown. My question is what if I flash my notebook with Clevo P150EM's BIOS? Will I make it bricked?
  5. Hi J95 I'm new here. Does this modding guide apply for all nVIDIA cards from all vendors? I have a Clevo P151EM and I want to upgrade my graphic card to 770M. Thank you
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