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  1. Hey all, So I'm really new to the whole world of GPUs and such and I was wondering the difference between overall power consumption of Nvidia gpus. What I heard was that the GTX 765m is more powerful than the 670m but uses a lot less power. Is this true? How is the 765m power consumption compared to the 770m? If there is a difference in power consumption, it is significant towards the battery life of the system?
  2. So I'm looking at the bios updates for the p150em but for my laptop, the windows key is on the right and f1 is to turn on fan... Which one would work then?
  3. So what are my options exactly? Is there something I can do or will it just not work at all?
  4. Hi all, I come to this forum to seek advice on how to fix my poor laptop. As stated in the title, I have a Sager NP9150/Clevo P150EM. This laptop originally came with an AMD 7970M but it was faulty and I could never get it to work. So anyways, the replacement GPU that I was given from the person who sold this laptop to me was an Nvidia GTX 770M. We installed the GPU and that went fairly smoothly; however, the joy was lost when we got into windows. The system cannot, for lack of better words, "recognize" the gpu as Nvidia? It shows up in Device Manager as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. In BIOS, it shows VGA: Empty. It seems like the system knows that something's there, but not what it is. I've tried the Nvidia drivers from Sager, Clevo, Nvidia themself. I even tried the first 10 and last 2 drivers from laptopvideo2go to no avail. I desperately need some advice or suggestions on this. Thanks!
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