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  1. looks like 747M2 is the real dell part number. only thing i found listing 9xvk3 was chinese sites
  2. http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m15x/5234-possible-fix-sound-issues-nvidia-7xxm-gpus.html
  3. nah they work plug and play. the only thing you have to mod is the drivers to get it installed
  4. that was me i got all the way up to the latest drivers to work. if you need my inf shoot me a pm
  5. i have a 770m and i7 720qm im willing to let go of. its in your price range too
  6. you need a modified .inf file since the m15x was never shipped with this card as a choice from the factory. if you can post the cards ID i can edit a file for you device manager/ display properties window/ details tab/ hardware ids heres a link to the guide http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia/5249-%5Bguide%5D-modding-nvidia-oem-inf-files.html
  7. huh maybe that was my issue from the start. i was using 320.40. i did notice the newer drivers installed alot cleaner. thats odd. thanks for sharing bro!
  8. thats odd... if i didnt mine woud would lock up and reboot like crazy what card was installed before the 770m?
  9. no the mobile gpus are not affected. this was caused by splitting the memory into 2 different partitions. the only gpu they made this happen with was the desktop 970 this article is a good read for anyone questioning what happened AnandTech | GeForce GTX 970: Correcting The Specs & Exploring Memory Allocation
  10. so i have your vbios installed on my gtx770m (11E0) in my M15x (A202) i installed older drivers 337.88 and the card works great. i can use all the settings and OC my card fine. i tried the latest drivers (347.51) with the OC bios and it locked my card to 400/400 and wouldnt let me adjust the sliders. any thoughts? going to be dumping back to 344.75 for now, since this is the last OC'able driver that i know of.
  11. What if you restart into full windows. Disable all of the nvidia hdmi playback devices. Then push the idt drivers? If you do this you must make sure to disable the idt playback device for display port before rebooting and enabling the nvidia hdmi. Also make sure to disable and reenable the video card in the device manager What about Uninstall the nvidia drivers with ddu in safemode. Reboot into full windows don't install the nvidia drivers but do the IDT and disable the display port in sound devices? The whole issue stems from the display port sound being useD by the idt and nvidia hdmi. So to get past it we have to fool it. keep trying something will eventually work.
  12. im sorry i saw they got it working on the m18x thread and they had said "working for all alienwares" so i assumed that included the m17x in anycase i believe the 900 series cards work (they work in the r3/r4, m15x, and m18's at least). So you could get a 980m or 970m and pay the same price as a pair of 470s. you could even do a 780/880 and pay less
  13. hmm. thats odd... maybe I forgot to include to disable the Nvidia HDMI in the control panel. that would more than likely cause your issue. so edit it to go back into safe mode and disable the sound cards (this is the only way you can get into full windows again) forget about disabling the audio controllers. just do the sound cards 5. Disable all sound cards under Sound, video and game controllers including the IDT AND NVIDIA DRIVERS. 6. Restart into full windows. You should be able to boot even with audio enabled in the bios now. 7. once in full windows reinstall the IDT drivers with the idt sound and nvidia sound drivers still disabled, this will enable idt and force the driver. once complete you should have sound!!! DO NOT REBOOT YET OR YOU WILL GREEN SCREEN UPON BOOT 8. make sure to leave the nvidia hdmi audio disabled!! 9. disable and renable your video card. not sure why but this solved my issues!!! NOW YOU MAY REBOOT AND ENJOY YOUR PC AGAIN! 10. once rebooted open the playback devices panel and disable the idt display port and nvidia hdmi 1, 2, and 3 (our pcs only use one hdmi outpu) leave the rest enabled 11. reinstall the nvidia drivers and make sure to include the hdmi drivers. (this will force the nvidia sound card and drivers) 12. reboot, make sure IDT display port is still disabled in the sound devices. then plugin to a displayport (i use a displayport to hdmi adapterfor my tv) 13. open playback devices again and look to see if nvidia hdmi 0 has picked up your device. 14. set your nvidiahdmi0 to default. 15. sit back and enjoy your pc again. 16. remember DO NOT reenable the idt displayport in playback or you will yellow/white screen and will need to boot to safemode to disable idt audio in the device manager and follow step 7 again
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