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Asus G73JH & ATI 8790m Upgrade

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Hi all,

I recently purchased an 8970m from a friend and would like to bring back some life to my G73JH. As many are aware there has been much success in doing this with the 6970m, and more recently the 7970m. With the 8970m being so close (re branded 7970m from what I'm reading) and having an extra 2GB of memory, I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work just as well with a slightly more updated card. However, upon my sifting through information I have yet to see anyone try this with the G73JH and wanted to start a post related to information specific to the G73JH.

With the 7970m, I believe most had luck with the Clevo card and the Clevo HM VBIOS. The card I purchased is a Clevo (MXM 3.0 B) with a stock VBIOS for the PM77 chipset. I would be upgrading from the stock 5870m (w. OC VBIOS).

Aside from the obvious physical mods which should all be the same as the preceding cards, my main concern is the VBIOS. There has been some attempts I've read in regards to Alienware/other owners flashing with a 7970m (or modded 7970m) VBIOS resulting in bricked cards. Although, there seemed to be the thought that 7970m users could upgrade to the 8970m VBIOS just fine. If this is the same for ASUS compatible cards I would not want to brick by attempting to use the Clevo 7970m HM VBIOS that I mentioned earlier.

-Is an updated 8970m VBIOS needed/available (or will the above work)? If an 8970m version is out there should it work with the G73JH?

-If not, can one be created (possibly specific to the G73JH)?

- I have read about OC attempts causing a lot of crashes I wouldn't necessarily need an OC'd VBIOS just one that will work with the G73JH (stability and the obvious improved performance over the stock card are my main focus)

-I've also heard a lot about the initial 7970m Enduro problems that from what I have read have know been "resolved" and is supposedly working as intended with the 8970m. Is it recommended to run with or without Enduro enabled VBIOS ?

Any information, advice, links, concerns etc is appreciated and will hopefully be able to share my findings for others if all goes to plan.:welcoming:


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I accessed the mobo over the weekend and upgraded to 16GB of RAM from the stock 8GB, so nice to see the yielded extra speed :) Have started preparing for the physical mods. Card arrived today !! Still hesitant to dig in my functioning rig without having a working vbios to flash the card with though.

The vbios for the PM77 chipset simply won't do, and I'm not keen on bricking the card with an older 7970m as sounds like others experiences with other brand laptops.

Really need a 8970m vbios that has been modified for the HM55 chipset. Just don't know if there is one out there..

Certainly can't be the only one who has/wants to try this card. If there are any Clevo / Sager versions out there perhaps they may work seems I'm at a bit of a roadblock at the moment. Searching around though, hopefully I'll turn something up soon :)

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Hey there SLV7 or anyone else who knows,

I'm relatively new to Tech|Inferno and have been enjoying forums! Posting on my project to upgrade to the 8970m on some of the notebookreview forums, would be truly grateful for any advice.

Would one of Prema's non-enduro/enduro vbios in the linked thread work with the G73JH or could it or another vbios be modified to work? I'm looking to blind flash an 8970m with some hope of success.


I would be happy to make a donation. Hopes are to blind flash with some reliability and success for the G73JH.

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On 5.4.2015 at 2:21 PM, WallaB said:

Still no luck on being able to get my hands a working vbios. Not giving up but a shame having such a nice card and not being able to utilize it.

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Have you find the right vBIOS till now?

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