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faulty gpu bus / pcie slot working

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hey there,


first of all, sorry for my bad english :)


i have a problem with one of my gpu´s in my p370sm. i had installed the relive drivers from amd, things went fine, after some gaming i had windows updates installed. suddenly i ve got a blackscreen on boot and no POST. 

i bought a new vbios with the stock bios programmed, the card did a post, but i have 2 problems:


in the bios the gpu is shown as 4x pcie link, ive tried both slots, and both of them shows the same pcie 4x link speed. 

on windows its the same issue, pcie 4x link speed. 


i have artifacts in 3dmark, and doom. guild wars 2 runs normally.


ive found some pictures on internet showing those artifacts like i ve got and explain them as "bus artifacts". how do i fix it? or must i replace the hole mxm card?



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