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G73JH CPU/GPU Upgrade Help

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I am trying to do the "Ultimate" G73jh upgrade and I have power related issues.


So I have the most "basic" G73jh, with i5-430m and 5870m.

This version is the one with the brown MB, with only 2 memory slots.


What I did:

- Opening the whole laptop

- Swapping 5970m to 7970m

- Blind-Flashing 7970m vBios

- It boot ! But GPU/RAM frequency stay at 450/300 maximum, because of my 120W PSU I think (throttle), So I ordered a 240W One

- Swapping i5-430m to i7-920XM

- It boot but I almost didnt use it because I was affraid of my weak PSU (dont want to burn it !)


Then I received my new PSU, from ebay  ( http://www.ebay.fr/itm/201638674476).


And... Nothing change !! My 7970m is stil throttling. And I cant OC the 920XM, if I go over 70W TDP, the G73 instent shutdown :-/.


I need your help to be sure Its a PSU related issue, and not something else, like my mobo etc. I dont want to buy a 100+€ PSU if this is not the problem.


As my G73 is still out of his case, I manage to solder the PSU wire directly on the MB, and then I measured voltage during full load (prime95).

IDLE 19,4-19,5V     LOADED: 19,3-19,4V

Not that bad !


I am very confused because the PSU seams to work. I have no oscilloscope to watch the signal in real-time...

For sure it is not a real DELL but if voltage is not droping, whats wrong ?


Its very frustrating to know that everything work but can't be "feeded" with Amps !


Any ideas ?


EDIT: All temps are OK ! Furmark : 58° GPU... (because of the low Freq :-/ )

EDIT2: new info: I tried on battery, It is the same, is it a common behavioor ? (My battery is almost dead, only 30% capacity)

EDIT3: Do you know if the "metalic" part of the case (under the keyboard) have somthing to do with the power delivery in the mobo ?

EDIT4: I reassemble the laptop, so no, the metal plane have nothing to do with ground...

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Some News !


I received the DELL 330W power adapter and I manage to "convert" it to G73jh jack.

It work well but didnt solve anything...


BUT ! I flash another vBIOS, a Clevo one (enduro disabled) and now the GPU run at max frequency !

So for the GPU part, its all working well..


Still have problem with CPU, my PC still instant shut down if I go after 70W tdp (while executing prime95)


So I did a lot of test with ThrottleStop, HW64 and Prim95.

What I see is that, when I raise TDP, CPU Frequency raise (wich is the desired behavior) BUT the BCLK become crazy and dont stay at 133MHZ !

It Jump to 150, even 170 wich mean my DDR3 SIMMs are way beyond the stock 666Mhz .

I tryed to disable Turbo Boost in bios but by doing this I cant use throttlestop anymore :-/.

I also tryed differents bios (211,213, modded 213 V5), nothing chage.


If anyone have a G73jh with a 920XM/940XM can do the test... just run P95 and watch frequencies in HW64 and see if mem clock become crazy.

In my setup the computer fail at 750Mhz (wich is high compared to stock 666...)

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I think HW64 is wrong, its not able to read the CPU multiplier in real time, against it compute a fake BCLK value...

I think that because CPU-z's frequencies are all OK.


So... My 920XM do not want to eat that much power ! Or maybe may MB do not want to feed it.. That would be strange since the 7970m work just fine. I am even able to overclock it (975/1400 from 850/1200, stable 1H FurMark (95° top temp)).


I'll measure the Vcore to see if there is "glitch" or something like that.


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Hi, I did same upgrade as you with similar problems :-). TnF had on forum attach file named as clevo.zip (pack of clevo 7970m VGA bios). I was able using this VGA modified bios to1.10V overclock my gpu max on 1095/1560.


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Re-Hi jurom !


As I tell you in the other thread, my main problem now is the MB.

Mine is too weak to power the 920XM at full speed.


And you are right, I did the same mistake with the vbios...

Now I have flashed the right vbios and it work great !


But at 850Mhz it is very close to the tdp limit...

In some games its Ok, but in others I have to underclock (mainly in the last tomb raider).

(Even with the undervolted vbios)


I am thinking about adding a secondary heat-pipe/fan in the dvd trapdoor :).


Thank you anyway.


Edit: with the vbios i use, I have not sound over HDMI and VGA isnt working too. Is it the same for you ?

Edit: At stock clock (850/1200), undervolted vcore (0.975v), I get constant 92° in FurMark after 20 minutes.

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