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  1. Okay, I found it. I made this image for future reference.
  2. Can anyone tell/show me where the system bios chip is located on a M17X R4 motherboard? I can't find this info anywhere.
  3. I'm gonna try one of these purchased on ebay... "Smart Speed Controller For Laptop / Notebook DC 5V PWM Cooling Fan 4-Pin"
  4. So many questions.... bare with me... So my GPU fan stopped working properly. It spins a bit at power-on; goes flat out when flashing bios; but never to spin again in Windows. This happened after trying to get a 780M to work in my R4 (I suspect that the card has issues). I had flashed the system bios from A13 back to A11, then A11 unlocked. Maybe it's coincidence that the GPU fan stopped working properly at around this point. I've read that many people have this problem. Can we really know what causes this? If it's fan tables getting screwed up, you would think re-flashing the bios would correct that? But it doesn't. Do we know where the EC sensors / controllers are located? Is it a separate chip on the motherboard? Part of an integrated circuit? If we can't find this information, is HWINFO the only workable solution? (besides buying another motherboard for HUGE $$ that could develop the same problem at any time) Peoples... your wisdom please.
  5. I have the M17x R4 with the 120hz 3D screen. Will a 4GB Clevo 680M work in my laptop? Will I need to flash a different v-bios? Will I need to mod drivers, or will it work straight away? Will 3D Vision work? I've found a lot of conflicting information on the interwebs.
  6. I have the 120Hz 3D screen. If I put a Clevo GTX680M 4GB in my R4, will 3D Vision work as if it was a Dell card? Will I need a certain v-bios? Will I need to 'inf' mod drivers?
  7. If I replaced the Device ID and Subsystem ID inside a 780M vbios - to 680M Device & Subsystem ID's, would that trick the system to think it's a 680M? They seem to have the same basic architecture. Has anyone tried to do this before? Is this likely to just brick the card?
  8. Hyperfish


    I've had my 27" ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED for about 2 years now. It's 1080p with 1ms response and has a matte finish. You can remove part the stand and have the screen sitting directly one your desk which is cool. It's an excellent monitor but I'm starting to think about getting one with a higher resolution. I'm also torn about whether I want matte or glare screen. I haven't had a reflective screen since I had mt last CRT monitor. I've heard people comment that shiny screen have a more vibrant viewing experience. What are people's thoughts on shiny vs matte?
  9. I would love to see this too. I have a G73JH and I'm torn between converting it to a JW or not.
  10. But does HDMI output work? Video and Audio?
  11. Oh my lord I want to do this. I have a G73JH. I feel modding this is too difficult. I wonder if I could make it a JW by replacing the bios chip or whether I'd need to get a whole JW motherboard?
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