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  1. Does anyone knows why the clocks only go between 300Mhz (idle) and 450Mhz (3D example Furmark) on my system? I know it is an internal profile on the vbios, but when the card uses this profile?
  2. Just upgraded to a DELL 7970m today and yes GPU fan is working at full speed :/
  3. No updates on this? Have you managed to get it working?
  4. As for 7970m it still involes doing a custom heatsink, but try to find a CLEVO one. Just upgrated to a DELL one today and while everything works perfect i have the gpu fan running at full speed which i'm looking to find a way to fix.
  5. Try what fiocco said, i believe it is working (from memory). If not you'll have to desolder the chip to flash it or put a new one.
  6. Guys i need some advice. Has anyone managed to find a VBIOS to run a DELL 7970m so that the GPU fan doesn't always run at full speed (ASUS G73jh)?? I spend the whole day installing and modifying heatsinks to make it work. Stock vbios wouldn't even POST so i had to disable the chip and blind flash. Everything works from HDMI to Drivers. Here's a small teaser (Note i left the cables connected to the EEPROM so in case i flash a VBIOS that won't POST i can fix it without dissasembling the whole thing - i'm writing this from my G73JH - i don't have another PC ): VBIOS tested (and not) so far: backup.rom 95462FB612FFB7B021927CC837B5D3B2 128kb This is the VBIOS that came with the card - won't even POST 1.rom Dell7970m.ROM 40647138A561E29BB4E93696C0BD20CA 128kb (TechInferno) - FULLY working except fan issue but sudden flashing of screen) 2.rom 7970M.ROM C191AA570CB58556FC1DC145DCB8F6EC 128kb 7970M (from TI_RJT).rar (Clevo HM teste G73jh working, enduro off, 850mhz) - POST WORKING, HDMI working, Driver issues maybe (i had a BSOD but i did use ATIMAN unistaller and flashed 1.rom so i'm not sure if it would fix the BSOD issue) 3.rom 7970clevoHM_1075v.rom 018739199F91FD65F1ACFE189CBB7BEC 128kb Clevo_7970m_P1x0HM_ov (clevo HM overvolted) - NOT TESTED 4.rom By_cleiton7970m.rom 4897063E8CED85640CAE8786AD1CB6BB 128kb Unknown - NOT TESTED 5.rom Dell7970m-uv-0950v.ROM E7008962FBA832408A102F0607225B0F 128kb (TechInferno) - FULLY WORKING except fan issue; what i'm using at the moment
  7. Has anyone tried using a DELL 7970m on an Asus g73jh (HM chipset) successfully? If yes, will the stock vbios work/POST?
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