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GT650m/750m Highest Stable/Gaming Overclock?


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Just download MSI Afterburner and you will be able to overclock your gpu a bit. Intel extreme tuning utility if you want to overclock your cpu as well.

I should have said I'm interested in undervolting the GT750M. I've already got the CPU undervolted with XTU, and I'm running SVL7's 3.05 molded bios.

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I DID overclock to gf 650m at 935 MHz & memory at 2400mhz with original bios & power setting .....the temperature increases dramatically till 83 c then it never crosses 87c with lap cooling fan .........the card is stable under heavy games especially crisis 3 he runs it great ....so my next step to mod bios&more power &some modification it will be premier card like GTX .

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Just for kicks until my eGPU comes in i overclocked my 750m in my y510p to play black ops 3 on 1080 between 30-45 fps.
Went from 1058MHz to 1280MHz. Granted this would DEFINITELY overheat on Crysis in about a minute, black ops 3 doesn't run hot at all and it gave me a solid boost.
And i didn't overclock the memory because the card's ram isnt being maxed out so I figured i didn't need the extra heat.
So a solid 222MHz overclock with a 12.5mV overvolt!

Single 750m
fan speed wire clipped for 100% speed
fan shroud trimmed to match radius of fan for better flow.
All the dust filter material has been removed.
Max GPU: 81C
Max CPU: 62C

All in all  not bad. I tried a +25mV with the same settings but I was about to overheat pretty quickly. lol

My sig stuff hasnt been done yet. Stock heatsink for the moment, stock i5. no repaste etc...

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Will update this post later once I have the access with my results. Still proud owner of Y500.

So after few days I was able to achieve 1108/2250 with stock voltage. Definitely satisfied with the results.

Despite increasing my voltate sadly I am not able to go higher, Heaven benchmark crashes.

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