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  1. I solved it (close the thread) .....thanks for any replay the boot key was fn + r the recovery name was : (QYQI3.BIN) MOSTLY THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE I put a lot of files of my bios including the original name if it + boot files from andy tool + using Lenovo.phoenix.crisis tool thanks GOD I managed that notice: the Lenovo y500 does not have bios beep THE ONLY SOUND I HEARD IS THE FAN ONLY HE SHUT DOWN AUTOMATICALY AFTER NEARLY 2 MINUTES
  2. i recently flashed wrong rom inside my bios when i press the power the lap run & keyboard get red as usual and the fan turn rapidly and the screen still off { black } .....no beep sound ........just lights and fan sound .....i searched for this and get that is "bios boot block" i have its stock rom i need a specific instructios to flash back my (insyde bios ) using a usb flash 8gb kingston (including y500 boot block key and the way of it) please help me quick i need it urgent ..i have exams now
  3. maak

    Y500 sound issue

    try re-installing the sound driver {the stock} & roll back ur notebook t its original status {make recovery}. if this problem continue, check it back to your Lenovo service in your location ,as it will be speakers issue which is famous in this model
  4. I recently installed 8.1 update .......is there any problem overclocking my gpu or using vbios ? if there is ....what should I do? & thank u
  5. I DID overclock to gf 650m at 935 MHz & memory at 2400mhz with original bios & power setting .....the temperature increases dramatically till 83 c then it never crosses 87c with lap cooling fan .........the card is stable under heavy games especially crisis 3 he runs it great ....so my next step to mod bios&more power &some modification it will be premier card like GTX .
  6. try disabling "allow pc to automatic turn off this device" in adapter setting in device manager it works for me I also have that wifi card but till now no complaint "thanks GOD"
  7. its finished intel made Lenovo processors only cores without graphic core so .........in fact.there is no graphic card (core) to enable or disable !
  8. my device came with synaptic driver ...is that mean that my touchpad is not elan @its date is 29 novemper 2012
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