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  1. I'm running 1600x900 @ 80Hz. At 85 when I clicked the test button my monitor went blank.
  2. Ok, this is still happening. I was playing thru the Hallowed Hallow in BL2, and all of a sudden my FPS dropped into the teens. According to HW Monitor my GPU temp had reached a max of 75*c, and pulling up nVidia Inspector showed my current core clock at 405mHZ.
  3. eBay or equivalent will be your best bet. Lenovo has stopped producing and selling Ultrabay modules (including the GT755 SLI modules), at least here in the states.
  4. I've got a Y410P with a single GT750M, and I'm using nVidia Inspector mostly to undervolt to keep temps reasonable (-75mV). I've also tried a +100mHZ on the core, and +100 on RAM. It was stable as a rock, but now all of a sudden the GPU won't clock higher than 405mHZ. If I revert back to stock clocks and voltage it makes no difference. Updating my nVidia driver helped for a few minutes of gaming, but now it's right back to 405mHZ. GPU temps maxxed at 76* while playing. What gives? Edit: Played around a bit more. I loosened up voltages and clocks and rebooted. I played a few minuted of Planetary Annihilation, and it seemed alright.
  5. Cool, downloaded! does nVidia Inspector apply at startup, or do I need to leave the app open? (I don't see an option to "Apply at Startup", so I assume it has to be left open in the background)
  6. I don't see anyway to reduce voltage using that utility. I'd like to get closer to the GT650m's 1.0 voltage to reduce temps a bit under load.
  7. My Centrino 2230 worked fine gaming online and using a bluetooth Orochi mouse at the same time. Make sure you using the latest drivers.
  8. What software are people using to under volt the GPU?
  9. This is the answer I got from SVL7 "Open the fparts.txt file and go to the line that starts with EN25QH32 and change the entry that says 0x60 to 0xc7, save it and try again, should work." Yours might possibly be different.
  10. I should have said I'm interested in undervolting the GT750M. I've already got the CPU undervolted with XTU, and I'm running SVL7's 3.05 molded bios.
  11. Woohoo! svl7 rocks! Got it all sorted out.
  12. I had purchased a TP Link Archer C7 v2, which ended up being a waste of time. The router frequently disconnected from WAN. Exchanged that for a Netgear R6300 v2 that I'm so far super happy with. I'm still not able to backup my Bios so I can remove the whitelist to install my AC7260.
  13. I PM'ed @svl7 3 days ago, and haven't heard a response yet. If I tag him in a post like this does he get a notification?
  14. I've tried that. I get "Error 51: An attempt was made to read beyond the end of flash memory".
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