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  1. its okay, I finally solved it by flashing it within windows. After reboot, I finally have a modded bios for my ultrabay gpu. Thanks for your help
  2. same for me, I successfully flash it, but when I reboot, it is still locked... someone please help!
  3. Okay so now I'm not able to flash the vbios for my ultrabay 650m. I go through will flashing completely, but when I reboot, it is still the same. I flashed it onto Index [1] since X doesn't exist Edit: So after reading, I learned that people were having issues with getting 0.33 to flash over 0.3a on win 8.1. I having this same issue and was wondering if there is now a fix
  4. The largest file I got was insydeBAK.bin at 6mb is that correct?
  5. Where is the backup.bat? I tried running FPT windows 64 and get error 200
  6. ^ you dont have sli on yours right?
  7. Once I flash the modded bios, I can just use nvidia inspector or msi afterburner to oc right??
  8. so essentially, when my gpu reaches its capped temperature, the fan cleaning speed will turn on to lower the temps?
  9. i use a crucial m4 128gb ssd on msata for boot and keep my 1tb hdd for storage. I suggest for you to only replace the hdd if you're buying one thats 480 GB +
  10. thank you for this, but i was wondering if i needed to update my bios for this. I'm running 1.05 on my y400, but people are now updating to 2.04
  11. i am using the crucial m4 msata to boot win8 and used my hdd to boot ubuntu. i would assume it would work vice versa :S
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