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  1. Yeah i posted my problem some months ago too and i couldn't solve it, Nvm i will leave it as it is.
  2. Hello guys. Im trying to flash unlocked bios on 2.07V and i keep getting this error: https://gyazo.com/83210b09f615e9f2e544e0e9bbbb892d
  3. Any solutions for my problem? :/
  4. "The version of rom file isn't newer than the version of bios"
  5. Rom file error again... I think my Laptop just doesn't want to get modded.
  6. These settings are not listed also in my bios setup. I tried to disable uefi bios but that didnt make anything at all...
  7. Again the same sh*t. Maybe is it because im on Windows 10? But that makes no sense!
  8. Theres no such option in my bios configuration.
  9. Well... tried but same error popped up. What can be wrong i dont get it.
  10. I think u shoulv flash the unlocked version of your bios. I wanna do the same also but i get an error, u can try it.
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