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  1. I dun have the card, so this might not help much. But I read somewhere that Lenovo power management app can cause trouble, try uninstall it. If all method fails, do a backup and recover a clean os to know whether the problem is with the card. If you suspect it's the bios issue, revert to original bios and update to official 2.04 b4 modifying it. Hope it help
  2. Hi, is there any way to regulate Y400 GT750M (Single) voltage? I tried Nvidia Inspector but didn't work and i could not extract Vbios file via GPUz, Nibitor and NVflash. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi, sorry to revive old thread. May i know if anyone has the overvolted GT750M y400? I believe my GPU is suffering from undervoltaged. Any advice on how to modify my stock voltage for the GPU? I couldn't get my VBIOS file from GPUz, Nibitor and also NVflash. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I guess it has more to do to my hardware defects than software. I ran OCCT GPU stress test after your advice against furmark and found more than 10k error being generated in less than 10 min. Thanks.
  5. May i know how did you adjust the Voltage? My unit is Y400 Single GT750M running on Unlocked BIOS by Svl7 according to the GPUz, Clock: 1058 MHz Memory: 2499 MHz Voltage: 1.081v The above score is when i running burn test with Furmark. Thus am i right to say it is undervoltaged?
  6. Hi Guys, I would like to share a story that really saved my PC and wallets from being ripped off. I was messing with my newly modded y400 BIOS (thanks to Svl7). I changed a few setting in the PCIE configuration under the Advance tab and the whole system went blank.. not even the Lenovo sign. (Should've headed Svl7's warning not to mess with thing i don't understand) I couldn't even enter BIOS as the display chip was shut off while the system continue to load. It freaked me out until i found this post. Edmar Hobby - Electronic: Lenovo Ideapad Y580 Insyde Bios Reset/Recovery I used the first method to recover from the mess " to the following key presses to do a factory reset of the BIOS: left, 4x down, 4x enter" And before i know it, my beloved computer came back to life. The post also teach about how to recover from corrupted BIOS running on insydeh20 BIOS system, although i was scarred to hell to try it. I hope the above link can help someone (as careless as me) and a million thanks to Slv7 and Edmar!
  7. Hi, i know i may posting in wrong section but may i know how long does it take for my post to be published? I posted something last night and realized it was not yet up there. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I'm Jamescc. Just joined, interested in the Mod Bios section for Y400. I may be a noob, so pls be nice with me. Thnx. Good site, taught me alot.
  9. My choice would be Lenovo Y50 (non-uHD) version. Price is around 1000. Good choice if you are price conscious. it packs with GTX860M and i7 4710HQ which support VT-d. Should play most game fine on Medium to High setting as long as you stick to fHD.
  10. I'm also facing similar issue. Searched the web for awhile... Till now couldnt solve the issue. If not driver it could be issue with undervoltage, does your screen flicker or someting? I heard that other solve it by trying to underclock GPU and memory.. I
  11. Just to share, my Y400 GT750m is on Furmark test result: Core clock: 1058 Memory clock: 1249 Max Temp: 83C Voltage: 1.081 V Is my voltage a little low compared to others?
  12. Good guide. I tried dissasembling my Y400 today but, the keyboard screw was blocked by the plastic case. Not sure how come my case is a bit different. was following this guide. Lenovo Y400 Y500 Full Disassembly - YouTube
  13. Am wondering that myself. My centrino card keeps dropping wifi signal for no reason. I'm looking forward to Flash the mod Bios soon. As for reason, i think they cut some deal with Intel in order to boost future sales and lock user to hardware.
  14. i am an owner of Y400, and i can say that i tried tons of way to overcome the automatic throttling GPU from battery but none ever works. You can only control the CPU via the power management but not the GPU. Hope that help.
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