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  1. I am having the same exact issue, though I just reinstalled Windows 7 and we'll see if that helped, but prior it didnt matter what my voltage settings were, stock , -100mv, -25mv, -112.5mv. However, from what I have seen it only affects DX11 games for me. Games like skyrim will not crash even after long periods undervolted. Games like Shadow of Mordor, ETS2, Tomb Raider (all of which use DX11) will crash at random periods while using SLI. They do not crash however when using a single card. This was all on the latest drivers of course.
  2. It will not fix your problem. Out of curiosity though, do you happen to have the modded ultra bay vbios flashed and just not the modded BIOS?
  3. Do you think you could try this method? Someone posted this earlier in this thread but no one seems to have verified that it works.
  4. If anyone has bricked their y510p or their y500 (which i would assume would be a similar process), you should try this, which was mentioned in the y510p bios mod thread. If it works feedback would be appreciated, because then it would confirm this is a fix. Of course, don't go bricking your y510p just in the name of science. Unless you want to. Originally Posted by p00pyjoel HOW TO RESET CMOS EASILY AND QUICKLY Y510P If your system no longer boots due to a BIOS setting change you can remove the back cover and remove both sticks of RAM. Underneath the RAM is 4 copper contacts. The two on the right side that are labeled JCMOS2 need to be connected while the computer is powered on. I know this sounds crazy, I thought I broke my laptop, but as soon as I made contact with the wires the system began to boot. I hope this helps everyone, because I thought I bricked my BIOS! JKH P.S. If someone can tell me how to fun the fans at 100% all the time that would be fantastic and how to lower the CPU VID without causing my computer to not boot!
  5. Try using MSI Afterburner instead for overclocking or evga precision X.
  6. Will not void the warrenty and is not detectable if you set the settings to default before sending it in.
  7. Intel Extreme Turning Utility, it works pretty nice and will let you mess with almost anything on your cpu except disabling turbo boost (unless you just underclock it to 2.4ghz). It will also let you mess with your intel HD, unless you have an ultrabay card in.
  8. I know for sure it doesnt have anything to do with windows 8.1, downgraded to windows 7 and i still get crashes on the latest nvidia drivers. Edit: The latest nvidia drivers seem to be a lot more stable now. I just got done playing 2 hours of shadow of mordor undervolted by 112mv and I didnt get any crashes.
  9. jon7701

    install MacOSX

    When i did use the intel hd 4600 it would still have the same graphical glitches that it would normally. I tried enabling the intel hd in the bios while i had my ultrabay card in but it still uses my onboard 755m as the display output unfortunately. So, theres no way to just use the onboard 755m without the ultrabay gpu or the intel hd? Edit: I should be more clear. I want to either use the intel hd with my ultrabay card still inside the slot, or I want to use the 755m and i dont really care about the ultrabay card, however I dont want to have to take it out.
  10. jon7701

    install MacOSX

    I have Mac os 10.9 installed on my y510p with the modified mach kernel that allows it to boot. At this point im stuck however since I cant seem to find a kext for the gt 755m even though i see a mac book that has the same gpu, thats really the only thing im stuck at since im planning on replacing my wireless card with a AC version anyways so i would probably just get a mac os compatible card that supports AC. I also dont think my ethernet port would be supported on OS X either. Other then that wireless and graphics is the only thing that keeps me off it right now.
  11. You need the modified bios which comes with the modified vbios for the onboard gpu and then you have to flash the vbios for the ultrabay gpu, if you have it. Then you have to get nvidia inspector and set your voltages. I use -112mv but i was able to get to -125mv stable which reduced my temps from throttle 97C stock voltage to 84C at -112mv. Using IdeaFan would probably reduce this by another 1 or 2C and the case mod would probably reduce it another 3-5C of so. Edit: My ultrabay was the one that was maxing at 84C, my onboard would stick at about 82 or 83C
  12. Ive been having issues as well. Im going to guess it is probably something wrong with the nvidia drivers. Ive had crashing on Shadow of Mordor and Tomb raider. It crashes whether i have it undervolted or not and its unpredictable when itll crash. The best thing to do would be to rollback to a previous version such as 340.52 or you could try 344.11. Im gonna try 344.11 and see how it works.
  13. Thats the revision number, not the bios version. Your bios version would be under the info tab and not in the top right corner of your screen. It sits with the basic info of your system, its either called the info tab or specifications tab in the bios. Also, has anyone tried overclocking their RAM from the bios? I was thinking about trying it but I want to know if anyone else has tried it.
  14. Ugh, this would have helped soooo much a few weeks ago. I guess if i accidently mess something up again though i know what to do though.
  15. It will only work on the y510p and y410p, if you try to flash it on the yoga 2 it will either not work or brick the laptop.
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