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  1. Hello! I think I have a Clevo W942SW rebranded as a Positivo Master N250i in Brazil. I'm pretty sure it's a Clevo W942SW because even some Clevo manuals about this model carries the "POSITIVO" brand in pictures. And everything else matches perfectly, as I could perceive. Well, it has a "Aptio 4" BIOS from what I could see, and the stock BIOS is pretty damn locked up Here's what it looks like from the AFUWIN program: https://imgur.com/a/Vd71t And here's the BIOS dump, I think: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zp0ywq Any information would be very nice about if it's possible to unlock/mod this or not. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Could you please unlock my BIOS for... anything actually. Hidden menus, whitelist... anything! Here's my results.rar https://www.sendspace.com/file/m9mgm2 Thank you!
  3. lol mine idles at 43 C and hits ~80 during gameplay. I think yours is pretty cool enough to not bother with it =P Anyway, there is no way to mess with the fan speeds, even in models with performance coolers. Thus, our need for IdeaFan, because it stupidly keeps the fan running silent and slow even though you're hitting 100 C (trust me) Perhaps your model simply doesn't have the fan speed curve set in the firmware, so it never triggers, no matter how hot it gets, unless expressely told by the Lenovo Energy Manager to turn on. If you're willing, I guess you can lower the default 90 C from IdeaFan to something you'd feel comfortable with, but remember you'll probably be annoyed by the constant turn on/off of the fan =)
  4. It is possible that there is no hardware to monitor the temperature, as it's passively cooled. Can you see which temps you're getting using any software?
  5. The friction during the SSD connection might be shorting some pins, thus triggering the "circuit breaker". You shouldn't keep pushing your luck, as it might fail and burn the circuitry.
  6. Is this still alive? Seems to be an amazing idea. Powerful external graphics are the only thing missing on the laptops nowadays. We have to connect the charger anyway, to get the full power of the GPU, why not connect an videocard too? nVidia and AMD should invest on this idea, as notebook sales are larger than PCs Sad to see Lenovo drop the Ultrabay on the new Y50. If you guys manage to get an eGPU to Ultrabay, it'll be revolutionary for sure.
  7. I see. Bummer. But I've seen while fiddling around on BIOS, about some sort of backup, in case of failure. wouldn't that help?
  8. Nope what? I know they can't use the IGP due to SLi, but did they really need to cut the cache from it? Why does the Y510p has it?
  9. can't just remove the BIOS battery to reset it to factory settings?
  10. uh, doesn't the software offers a "blow dust" option? It seems to work OK for me, when ran regularly
  11. uh.. did you just cut the grill off? It doesn't seem to do much (also expose the fans blade to bugs, dirt and fingers), but whatever floats your boat
  12. GTMoraes

    Y500 sound issue

    have you dropped it, watered it or something? Does it stops/works back again when you press in a certain place?
  13. This seems interesting. What about the Y500? It doesn't have thunderbolt, but it does have a connector, normally used to the mSATA SSD
  14. Can't get past 135MHz overclock on my SLi 650M setup. Guess it needs a BIOS mod? I'm kinda scared about it.
  15. This. It's win-win for them. It shortens the lifespan of the device, and also makes it easier to troubleshoot if they know every possible hardware combination.
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