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  1. I'm sorry but I believe you are misinformed... Every Y400/Y410p, Y500/Y510p has either 8gb or 16gb of RAM from factory with its sticks split into 2x4GB or 2x8GB, so we are already benefiting from dual channel RAM. It has nothing to do with the graphics card. Also, our laptops do NOT utilize our GPUs' VRAM separately. If something is being rendered in SLI, everything (mainly textures) are loaded into BOTH cards' memories, limiting the total VRAM to 2gb. Everything loaded into memory on one card needs to also be on the other (if you're rendering 3D with SLI). Please do some research before posting misinformation as fact :/ (I know you said "Imo, adding another..." but that didn't even really make any contextual sense).
  2. ibebyi


    I didn't know this was a thing... when I plug in my headphones to my y500 the audio switches over to them automatically no matter what's playing... youtube, vlc, games, etc. When I unplug them the speakers take over automatically... Is it because I've disabled the three Realtek processes from starting with Windows (HD Audio Background Process, RTFTrack, and Realtek HD Audio Manager)? Are there any downsides to doing this? I haven't noticed any degraded audio quality but then my ears aren't as good as they used to be.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had swapped out the 3630qm in the Y500 for a 3632qm (lower TDP)? Also if anyone has indeed done this I was wondering what the turboboost frequency was for the 3632qm (all 4 cores). To clarify, the 3630qm, which is listed as 3.4ghz turbo, actually runs at 3.2ghz (all 4 cores) on the y500. Does the 3630qm run at 3.0ghz or 3.2ghz under load? Since I'm asking this from a temperature standpoint... would just replacing the TIM on the 3630qm yield comparable results? (obviously I would have to reapply TIM if i swapped out the CPU)
  4. BTW - I had these issues and went back to 326.80. No more flicker. I would imagine this would be sorted out in the next beta driver
  5. EDIT: Sorry forgot my clocks. 1150mhz/2350mhz @ 1.050V under load (1.087V idle). Solid gaming performance. slightly OT: has repasting the CPU actually yielded positive results for anyone? How about the second GPU? also, Octiceps, do you happen to know at what point on the voltage slider the PSU will not be able to power the CPU+GPU under load?
  6. can't you use nvidiainspector to force a frequency with a batch file? I'm curious since I have a clevo with 770m on the way. Please let me know since I'm curious Try nvidiaInspector.exe -setGpuClock:0,2,810 -setMemoryClock:0,2,2000 -forcepstate:0,0
  7. lately I've been gaming at 1150 core 2400 mem @ 1050mV and it feels just right. I was wondering tho, in Witcher 2 I'm reaching temps upwards of 85C on my ultrabay GPU (luckily about 12C less on the internal GPU). Do you think these temperatures are destructive in the short-mid term (like 2-3 years max)?
  8. I was just wondering what GPU clocks people with the GT 650m/750m here were gaming at. As a disclaimer for those unfamiliar, I understand overclocking hardware is an almost surefire way to shorten its lifespan so please don't bother with posts warning of temperatures or hw damage. I also understand that there are variances within the manufacturing processes for each of our GPUs so they will not all overclock to the same level. Still, I was hoping for some numbers: I'll start. If you could include the following: Core: 1150mhz Mem: 2400mhz ASIC 1: 78.9% ASIC 2: 78.6% Voltage: 1.075V which drops to 1.037V (anyone know why these cards do this?) Max temp under load (witcher 2): 81C (ultrabay-- too high?) I've found removing the battery lowers the temps by a degree or two, disabling hyperthreading gives you back like 5C, and laptop coolers give you like 3-5C..
  9. Starting to go a bit nuts. But is anyone noticing GPU clocks randomly resetting with the 2.04 mod? Thanks.
  10. Haven't read through the previous pages, but aside from the typical gripes with Win8 and its Metro UI, I also dislike the fact that Aero has been stripped from the OS, making it more difficult to distinguish between multiple open windows and which window your mouse cursor is locked to. Win7 put a shadow around the foreground window, making it easier to distinguish from background. I also dislike that from an aesthetic perspective, everything is square/rectangular, making it even more difficult (at a glance) to distinguish between open windows. I also HATE the new font anti-aliasing/smoothing methods that we're forced to use in IE/metro/office apps. The font is noticeably blurrier. I understand the superior AA method used in Windows 7 didn't support rotatable screens (ie tablets) so a new, less accurate method is used in all Metro/Office/IE products. Would it have been that difficult to incorporate both methods into Win8 and have the OS distinguish whether you were running a PC or a tablet? I personally don't think so, and I think the decision was definitely driven by budget/greed. So ridiculously lame. Also, in Windows 7, you could suppress ALL requests for Admin rights (UAC), and this wasn't an issue from a security standpoint so long as you used best practices and monitored what goes in/out from your computer. Windows 8, even with UAC "disabled" will still alert you to provide admin rights in a number of scenarios. I also kinda miss being prompted/warned before being able to arbitrarily delete folders/files. There's probably a setting for this somewhere. Two things I do like from Windows 8 are probably the new Ctrl+X menu that provides quick access to thing like device manager, control panel, etc. Also it does look like Win8 has a lighter memory/cpu footprint that Win7, but not SO much so that I see any reason to upgrade :/
  11. Florin, there's this tool I use called Process Lasso, which let's you automate certain CPU related tasks (like CPU Priority/Affinity). For instance, when I launch Star Wars: KOTOR or System Shock 2, I have Process lasso automatically set to change the CPU affinity to just one core (those games don't really handle multicore well and crashes/locks up). When I launch GTAIV, Process lasso changes the CPU priority to above normal so that GTA IV is given the most attention. This makes it so that I no longer need to mess with Task Manager after launching games. If you're concerned that running in windowed mode take away cpu priority, you could always counteract it in this way. If you don't want to download a new tool to automate, you could always Ctrl+alt+delete and change the CPU priority to high manually.
  12. Hi, Thank you for the fantastic mods I've upgraded to 2.02 and downgraded to Win7 Since the Windows license thing is baked into our BIOS's, can I just use a Windows 8 pro iso to install on my laptop or will I need to revert anything to stock? Logic tells me I don't but I wanted to get a quick confirmation. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  13. ^ Agreed, also, you can replace the worn out key here: Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Laptop Keys or any other OEM part seller (BTW I'm not affiliated w/laptopkey but I have used them before & got an original part). You'll only need the key cap. Once you've replaced the key, you also put a rubber keyboard cover over the keyboard. You can get one here (again not affiliated just a quick amazon search): Amazon.com: Coolskin Clear TPU Keyboard Cover Skin for Lenovo Ideapad Y580,Y570,Y570D,Y500,Z580,Z560,Z565,Z570,Z575 Size: 12.2x5.1x0.1, Color : Clear: Computers & Accessories Hope this gives you some ideas
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