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  1. [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    can we use the prr2 tool here : https://www.techinferno.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5951 because the link to the tool on this thread is dead/404
  2. [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    This thread is still helping people. A thank you to the OP for sharing once again, of course. Guys on a side note, sometimes you send me messages and I get them really late, just ping me via discord server or PM on NBR which I check more often simply because of more volume. I do not want to ignore anyone looking for me anywhere, but sometimes it happens from lack of activity or weeks inbetween browsing this forum (although I love TechInferno)
  3. Is my modded inf correct?

    I would guess wrong file. nvdispi might be possible too. But it might not be the nvcvi inf that we use for most mobile cards right now Are you trying to use some riser card or cables on your laptop to run this card or some external solution ?
  4. This thread is still going decently strong. I haven't tried the 390.xx drivers yet. Last drive I was using I think is 388.xx but I did find issues on occasion, but I think it was windows update related, seems there was as few hotfixes and updates that would reset these drivers again , even AFTER the creative update.
  5. M17X R4 GTX 1060 upgrade

    So YES 60Hz is possible with optimus thanks to the update from November actually working for the HD Intel (for a few months after it wouldn't install but otherwise was supporting pascal) YES with a 120Hz panel 1060's will work flawlessly if you are in PEG mode for the graphics. If you have a 120Hz panel and an old 660/675/680M GPU that your running in legacy mode, then you need to get an unlocked bios, or find a way to switch to PEG. Does anyone have the unlocked A12 bios ? (or link, please). Also we have new EURO 1070 which works for Optimus, we had to change the vbios to limit the card to 90W in the Alienware systems, it' getting about 15,250 in the graphics score of the Firestrike. So about less then 10% the typical full powered desktop would get you but like 50% more then a 1060N. We also have a EURO 1060 as well to match the MSI 1060N but have not yet tested it 100%.
  6. GTX 860m not giving 100%

    not all cards are the same, and the 670, I am wondering now if it was a 675M which were the 580M rebrands. That would only be as powerful as a 770M or 870M, in which case a 860M would most of the time be slower. You could overclock it and run it at like 80C with a 20% OC or something..
  7. Check to see the card is installed properly and is not damaged, or "burnt' anywhere. check under the card too. Maybe when placing it back, play with it a bit, and take notice if the fit is 100% as good as it needs to be, check angles to see if things are lined up and are flat and parallel. Lets just assume your panel is still working and not this other random black panel weirdness we had a few years ago... Now if the card is fine.... make sure you are in dedicated mode and using a 120Hz panel and not trying to run the card on Optimus through the HD Intel graphics switchable graphics technology. If your running on the Switcheable tech, then your success in running the card depends on support in the HD intel graphics, the chipset, the AWCC and MEI being up to date as well as having the right NVidia driver installed too. Most the time the HD intel graphics from official sites has no support for pascal, and Windows update does not usually include the one with Pascal support (least last i checked) and manually downloading the latest versions sometimes do not even install so it's tricky. If unsure, any HD graphics from after last year should be fine. On the dedicated front, to switch to dedicated mode, you will need a digital panel like the eDP display - lets say you have that. Then you need to install windows, go through it as usual - you might not be able to get the Creative update - for some reason. once in windows make sure to have the OSD and AWCC installed and chipset before attempting to install the modified driver. Best to just do the graphics last actually, even after the sound card. Rebooting many times until everything is updated - except the anniversary update. To install the driver when it comes time, you will need to disabled DSE and run the setup as admin on the modified drivers. If you can find your harwdare ID might be a recent driver here for you : http://downloads.eurocom.com/support/drivers/upgradeyourlaptop/Alienware/ in worst case use the one I gave you originally or send me an email and I'll send you what I got.
  8. here is stock speeds for an AW17 I just modded for the same 1070 version. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/19211309 So as you can see, your 1070 there is performing admirably. In my bench here, the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU maybe up to 10% Oh another thing, not trying to advertise my services, but when i sell a 1070 or any videocard for that matter, I make sure it has the right vbios on it to avoid having extra issues. I do not use SVL7 or Prema vbioses, ours are not overvolted as a means to get them stable, we just use better vbioses. However, I would LOVE to work with Prema or SVL7 but there's been no communication back and forth me and them for so many years...
  9. well congratz on the amazing upgrade and thanks for sharing ~!

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