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  1. iloveb00bs

    hello guys

    sorry i was sleeping
  2. omg cracked up so hard on this one, lols
  3. sad but all i watch now are kids movies, lols took the kids out to watch kubo, was a good movie but darrker and scarier than i thought. my little 4 yr old got scared.
  4. iloveb00bs


    been awhile now in 1080, lols
  5. looking good mr.fox! red is hot, but that yellow is where its at. time to take out the paint again
  6. jungle book is pretty epic. think i enjoyed it more than my kids, lols
  7. anything is possible if you put your mind to it sorry not in english, heck i don't understand anything, but the art speaks to the soul! that doesn't need any translation. watch, and you all can learn something from it.
  8. hopefully there are places to try out these tech. i don't want to end up like the 3d craze awhile back, bought all this stuff only to learn 3d give me headaches and everything is a pain for eye glass wearers anyways. gave me a call when someone invents the halodeck now beam me the heck outta here.
  9. iloveb00bs


    did geraldo rivera make a sex tape? lols. i got a little keychain cam that can do 720 i can slap on it. but my lego pilot has to say bye-bye. i need to build a bigger camera rig. but smaller quad so fun to fly about anywhere i want, even indoors.
  10. iloveb00bs


    the higher the resolution the higher the lag. something you got to deal with as a pilot. you can always slap on a better cam just for recording, but pretty much everyone fpv's at this res. hahahhah ajust remember having pronos tapes. lols
  11. iloveb00bs


    your seeing what i'm seeing on my end. that's why you see all the break ups and graininess. i have a dv-r connected to my fpv monitor. it's an analog signal so picture quality sucks but no noticeable lag. i can't get enough of this stuff right now, feels so good cruising through the air and zipping through the trees. i get a rush sometimes when i hit a gap or hit a move i wanted to do. also nothing like getting high and getting high, lols
  12. iloveb00bs


    did some outdoor flying. i'm surprise not many gamers are into this. also got very lucky on this, could of ended very badly.
  13. just realize i still got a copy of Batman™: Arkham City GOTY Edition. first to shoot me a pm with their email gets it!
  14. i think my little 3 year said it best. "it's boring" lols felt it was a let down but maybe i was expecting to much. anyway hope it leads to something good.
  15. yup gave it another go and still didn't find it much fun after an hour. sorry brian, returned the game again. wanted something thats fun all the time, not just with the right people. :/
  16. yeah i thought it was funny too the perverted troll having exactly 69 games, lols
  17. 69 on steam, most i don't even play sadly. prolly have a dozen more on origins and uplay, even have copies of some of the games, lols.
  18. yes this game is epically old. but i recently started playing this again and found myself still having a blast! tf2 is free to play now on steam and worth a shot if you haven't tried it. it's a hat powered teamed based multi-player shooter. i can jump on any random valve server and have crap loads of fun, think i spent 20mins the other night just going around doing the conga dance, lols. this my steam profile-maybe get lucky and play together sometimes. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993670481/
  19. iloveb00bs


    anyone else into this? just gotten into the hobby for a few months and i love it. i always wanted be able to fly or be a pilot, and now i can, well sort of , lols. it's like a real life game but if you crash you lose real money, lols. finally got a dvr to record flight footage. here is me driving too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR0JqM99AOM
  20. ok gonna pick it up tonight. prolly just get basic and get expansion packs if i feel it! 40% off is SCHWEEEET!!!!! sorry about last week, had a break in weather, so decided to do some fpving instead game is bought..... now downloading the force!!!!
  21. you sure done purdy things up around here, lols great job guys!!! gonna miss the message board thingy. when did StamX become DR650SE ???? lols
  22. is this still a thing? i've skipped 8 totally and on the side lines about win10, not sure if its worth the update.
  23. kids getting older, no more diaper duty equal more play time for me, lols. haven't done much gaming either, star wars was first game i bought in a year lols.
  24. pretty much anything is fun with the right people lols. ok will pick it up this weekend, man!!! only returned it because of you. lols not sure how to work this forum yet, sorry meant to quote, lols
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