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Doom 3 BFG Edition, a re-mastered and expanded version of Doom 3, will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this autumn. The new version includes the original Doom and Doom 2, Resurrection of Evil plus The Lost Mission, a never-before-seen single-player story for Doom 3 spread over seven fresh levels. Re-mastered graphics, support for 3D and head-mounted displays, 5.1 surround sound, improved rendering and lighting will also feature.

There's also a new checkpoint save system for "smoother progression" through the game, plus an armour-mounted flashlight, allowing players to illuminate dark corners and kill enemies at the same time.

Doom 4 is coming? hope so!

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I bet you their just going to port the PC version over to console. At least thats what it sounds like to me, They already have an HD Doom 3 available(PC), slap on a few missions and its set for retail.

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Hmm I'd like to try the PC one.. but OMG ROTFL LMFAO Unreal you got them pegged.

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for a remake the graphics are really bad :/ some polygons added to the characters + bonus level and yeah.. that's BFG Edition

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for a remake the graphics are really bad :/ some polygons added to the characters + bonus level and yeah.. that's BFG Edition

Got any footage or pics, we would love to see what you mean. They did act like its almost a new game. So if its that bad it would help others decide if they were going to get it.

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Already played...terriffic good :D ...the graphics are good, not the best but...what the hell...still a nice shooter game. The new missions are pretty cool, there are much much demons and a new weapon: double barrel shotgun...fucking great ;) But, there are a bug in the opengl library...is a shame but still playable


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just noticed improvement over the original doom 3

I almost had to be stopped as it was


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I was even then a Doom fan of the series, why should it change now? :)

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      I would like to get a Blu Ray player eventually and I'm wondering how the PS4 and Xbox One compare as a Blu Ray player to a similarly priced dedicated Blu Ray Player. I understand that you're paying for more than just a Blu Ray player when you get a PS4 or Xbox One but how do the game consoles compare to a similarly priced Blu Ray Player? I would bet that a Blu Ray player that costs more than a PS4 or Xbox One plays Blu Ray much better but how would a Blu Ray player that costs $300-$450 compare against the game console that plays Blu Ray discs? Thank you.
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      Hi there,
      just a short thread to give you some inspirations. My setup consists of:
      Macbook Pro Retina 15" Late 2013 OSX + Windows 10
      EVGA GeForce GTX 960 Superclocked ACX 2
      Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box
      Dell-DA2 PSU
      Dell U2311H Display 
      Samsung TV and Onkyo Receiver
      Steam Link
      XBOX One Controller / XBOX 360 Controller
      Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit-Ethernet Adapter
      I spend almost 30€ on Adapters and Cables, Crimps etc just to find out that it does not work well and it does not take much to get a sleek and simple design. You just have to be brave enough and willing to cut the Dell PSU

      The cut Dell-PSU. White is 12V, black GND, blue needs to be shorted against GND, red is not required and can be cut or isolated. I don't know whats that blank is for, so I just cut it. There is some additional cable from 1x 12V and 1x GND to be connected to the Akitio's Power Supply, I don't use the Barrel-Plug anymore. 

      I drilled a hole (about 10mm width) right above the Power Connection. Intelligent people put the cable through the housing first, other (like me) have to force it

      Cables go under the board, there is about 1 cm of free space. Now it's time to solder the boards power supply. (No pictured) 

      The tiny pins can be bought at Ebay ("PCI-E Pins"/ "PSU Power Connector Pins"). There are also "Wire End Sleeves"with crimp-able necks available which might work as well but I didn't try them. You might give them a try too
      Doesn't look good but fits well. I use the lower plastic parts of one PCI-E 8 Pin Power Adapter to make the Pins fit in there, otherwise they would slip out the plug. 

      Holes drilled for better cooling. The front Fan is still connected and blows air into the housing. The GPU Fan presses it out through the selfmade holes.

      Final and simple Setup, I'am streaming the games over network to my Steam Link. I still need to try if I can connect the TB-Ethernet Adapter to the back of the Akito.
      best regards 
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      Even as Microsoft's newest CEO Satya Nadella tries to steer the company back into relevance by attempting to unify Microsoft notebook, desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms under the "One Microsoft" structure devised by his predecessor Steve Ballmer, most consumers and developers don't seem to care and the company appears destined to fall into obscurity.
      While it currently dominates the desktop market, it's newest and greatest hope in achieving the "One Microsoft" vision is Windows 10 and at the end of 2015, it barely had climbed to 10% share despite Microsoft's strong marketing push by giving it away for free. In fact, Windows 7 still retains 55% of the desktop OS market with consumers and developers alike perfectly content to stay where they are. 
      According to Forbes, Microsoft is now changing tactics by attempting to scare consumers into upgrading to Windows 10 by telling them Windows 7 has potentially serious security risks and hardware compatibility issues. In speaking to Windows Weekly, Microsoft Marketing chief Chris Capossela said that users who continue on with Windows 7 do so "at your own risk, at your own peril". Forbes Gordon Kelly notes that Microsoft's statements about Windows 7 amount to "complete rubbish" as Windows 7 will be supported until 2020 and with its greater market share vs Windows 10, it is guaranteed to receive more developer attention--which includes security patches and driver updates. Microsoft's motives are fairly transparent as it has a stated goal of one billion devices running Windows 10 within 2-3 years of it's release and with Windows 10 adoption seemingly faltering, they are getting desperate. 
      To make things worse, Vox has an article with a very interesting graph created by Joshua Kunst which illustrates Microsoft losing significant ground among developers since 2008. He made the graph by tracking popular tags on Stack Overflow, a popular forum where many developers hang out and answer programming questions. 

      Looking at this chart, going back to 2008 when Stack Overflow was founded, it becomes clear that Microsoft backed programming languages and applications have declined: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL all lost ground, yet competing alternatives such as PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript gained significantly. JavaScript owes part of its rise thanks to Android which uses it as the main language for Android apps. 
      In the gaming market, Xbox One started off with a faulty strategy of attempting to force users into purchasing their Kinect device while their competitor Sony produced a more powerful system that did not have similar bundling restrictions. Microsoft eventually backed off but it seems to be too late as Sony's PS4 now holds a dominant lead over Xbox One despite Microsoft's best efforts. 

      (image credit: Ars Technica)
      So will Microsoft be able to turn around its misfortunes? Maybe if Windows 10 has a drastic turn around in 2016 with more developers getting on board, it is possible but as of right now, the future doesn't seem too bright. 

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    • By Conker
      PlayStation AIO Box
      Hey all
      Some weeks ago I ordered a CronusMAX USB-stick to be able to play my console games with keyboard and mouse, the stick has far more capabilities. Some days ago it arrived and I did some initial testing, I'll write a review in the next weeks, while testing I got pretty annoyed by all the cable chaos the setup come with. The main reason is because you need to run the software on a Windows or MacOSX OS respectively you need a PC running at the same time to be able to play with keyboard and mouse.
      So I came up with the idea to build a box with all needed components packed into it. The goal would be to that one has to connect the power (maybe internet connection too) and will be immediately ready to game. I started to design some first basic models of a box. I found some cool PlayStation CAD models on GrabCAD, this saved a lot of time and helps to get a better idea on how it will finally look.
      Meanwhile the version number has reached the 5th level and it looks like this:

      Box materials:
      Acrylicglass or wood
      PlayStation 4 and accessoires
      PlayStation 3 and accessoires
      Zotac ZBOX/Intel Nuc/other nano PC
      AOC i2269VWM monitor
      1x120mm + 2x60mm fan
      1xRJ45 Splitter (1 Female to 3 Female)
      2xHDMI Splitter (Male to 2xFemale)
      2xHDMI (Male to Female)
      2xHDMI Cable
      1xDP Cable
      1xUSB2.0 Y-Cable
      The project is still in development and for now it's just a study. But I'm pretty determined to build this PlayStation AIO Box.
      Tell me what you think about this project and feel free to give any advice on doing something differently.
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      this thread will be my "Blog" of the experiences and troubles with my S430 and the eGPU Setup.
      I am currently collecting the pictures and make videos of how I build my case.
      Updates will come regularly.
      Update from 12.06.2013:

      Lets start with my System specs:

      Diagnostic Tools:



      DSDT Override:

      Hardware & Case
      XBOX360 PowerBrick:

      Discontinued attempts

      to be continued...</dsl></name>
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