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  1. I'm looking for a 4TB External HDD. What brands or models are currently recommended? What subpar brands or models should I avoid and ignore? Seagate and Western Digital seem to be the BIG brands but what's the difference? Thank you.
  2. I suffered a motherboard failure and I'm wondering how to move the data from 2 RAID 0 HDDs to a new external HDD. The RAID 0 HDDs are currently in the non-functioning laptop and I'd like to recover and move the data from them to another HDD. Is this possible? What do I need to recovery and move data from 2 internal laptop HDD that were in RAID 0? Thanks.
  3. I want to replace my laptop's 1TB HDD with something much larger but a friend of mine told me that laptop hard drives aren't available in capacities larger than 2TB. My laptop has only one HDD slot so I want to get a very larger HDD. Am I limited to 2TB? Thank you.
  4. I play Age of Empires 2 HD with one of my friends and he told me that he plays his games on an inexpensive desktop without a graphics card. I have another friend who tells me she plays Sims 3 on a $400 laptop. It got me wondering about what games can be enjoyed on cheaper computers without discrete graphics cards. Personally, I have played some casual, light weight games, such as Plants vs Zombies and Tetris on old laptops back in 2007-2011. I have also played NES, SNES, and N64 emulators on cheap laptops without a GPU. Is there a hierarchy for integrated graphics? Are some integrated graphics more powerful than others? Can some integrated graphics handle light weight games better than others? Here's a list of some games I'm wondering about playing on cheaper computers without a GPU. Gemcraft 2 Chasing Shadows Dungeon Warfare Metal Slug 3 Metal Slug X Cat Quest Papers, Please Stanley Parable Doki Doki Literature Club Plants vs. Zombies NES, SNES, N64 emulators Arcade classics: Dig Dug, Pac-Man, Galaga, Tetris
  5. Various embedded videos I've downloaded have downloaded as dozens of .ts file located in a _tmp_folder instead of a single video file. Each video exists as dozens of .ts files in its own _tmp_folder. I'm currently using the Firefox add-on "Video DownloadHelper" by mig https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/?src=search I generally watch the videos using VLC Player. Is there any way to download these videos as a single file that plays as a single video? Is there a way to consolidate the dozens of micro-clips into one full video? Thank you.
  6. I would like to get a Blu Ray player eventually and I'm wondering how the PS4 and Xbox One compare as a Blu Ray player to a similarly priced dedicated Blu Ray Player. I understand that you're paying for more than just a Blu Ray player when you get a PS4 or Xbox One but how do the game consoles compare to a similarly priced Blu Ray Player? I would bet that a Blu Ray player that costs more than a PS4 or Xbox One plays Blu Ray much better but how would a Blu Ray player that costs $300-$450 compare against the game console that plays Blu Ray discs? Thank you.
  7. I'm looking for a new gaming laptop - $2500-$3000 budget - Country of purchase: United States - 17" or 18" screen with 1080p -Windows OS - Looking to play games on Max/High settings with 60fps with a GTX 1070 - 16GB RAM - Weight is not an issue -Battery life is irrelevant because I will remove the battery and be plugged in whenever in use. -256GB SSD -2-4TB HDD, although I'll go with a 1TB HDD laptop if I can just replace it for a larger capacity -Optical Drive optional -Must have a built in mic -Webcam optional - At least two USB ports, with one USB port on the right side of the laptop -Backlit keyboard necessary -I use headphones most of the time so loud fan noise isn't an issue as long as they keep the laptop cool. Currently I'm looking at the Sager NP9175 (Clevo P775TM-G) From XoticPC.com for $2393 17.3" 1080p screen i7-8700K NVIDIA GTX 1070 16 GB RAM 250GB SSD 2TB HDD in each bay (4TB total capacity) No optical for the P775TM so I'll get an "External USB 2.0 8X DVDRW/CDRW Super Multi Combo Drive" From hidevolution.com for $2742 17.3" 1080p screen, i7-8700K, Delidded - Unlocked, Under Volted and Overclocked 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700K 6 Core-12 Thread Processor, 4.7 GHz (HIDevolution Overclocked to 4.8GHz) NVIDIA GTX 1070 16 GB RAM 256GB SSD 2TB HDD in each bay (4TB total capacity ) No optical for the P775TM so I'll get an External DVDRW drive My last laptop (Sager NP-9377) came from XoticPC.com and I've never bought from hidevolution. According to this thread, http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/official-sager-... some are worried that temperatures will be too hot, saying that i7-8700K is too much, and others are not worried about heat. Still, the delidded CPU is supposed to help with temps so is it worth paying the extra ~$350, or can I go with XoticPC without worrying? The thread contains positive comments about HIDEvolution and their work with Clevo laptops. Any other laptop recommendations similar to my criteria are welcome. This is what I came up with so far but I haven't settled yet. Thanks.
  8. I have the laptop in this video, a Sager NP-9377, from a few years ago. I'd like to perform this upgrade for the HDD myself using this video so I don't have to pay for a service but I've never done this before. How would I transfer the data from my old, smaller HDDs to the new, larger capacity HDDs after I've removed the smaller HDD and replaced them with the larger capacity HDDs? Thank you.
  9. I'll be ordering a Sager NP9377 soon and I want to know if I can still install programs on an SSD that has been configured as an OS drive. If I order the laptop with one SSD configured as an OS drive will I need a second SSD for programs and games or can I have the laptop preconfigured with only one SSD for the OS and also install more programs and games on it? Thanks.
  10. I'm considering a Eurocom X8 with 980M SLI and the sales rep I'm talking to says I'll need a 660W AC adapter instead of a 330W adapter for 980M SLI. I understand that SLI consumes extra power but both the MSI GT80 and the Sager NP9377 from xoticpc.com come with 330W AC adapters, without an option for a 660W AC adapter. Is there any reason why? Should I spend the extra $245 for the 660W AC adapter or will the 330W AC adapter be sufficient for 980M SLI? Thanks.
  11. My old Alienware M18x needs a need power jack and I'm thinking I could use this opportunity to upgrade because I love the palm rest, keys, and screen. Honestly, I'm just not ready to say goodbye to it yet so I'd like to try to breath some new life into it if possible at all. I've seen videos on Youtube of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and HDD upgrades for the M18x and I'm curious about upgrading but I have no experience at all with upgrading components myself. Right now my specs are as follows i7-2630QM 4GB RAM 750 GB HDD GTX 460M I'd definitely like to try upgrading the GPU but I'm afraid my CPU will bottleneck a newer GPU. If I have to, how difficult would it be to upgrade the CPU and what are my options? I want to upgrade the RAM and GPU at least. I'll probably give it to a laptop repair service for upgrading if I don't feel confident enough to try it myself.
  12. I'm looking for a new gaming laptop -Unfortunately due to my current living situation it MUST be a laptop - $3000 budget - Country of purchase: United States - Preferably 18" screen with 1920x1080 resolution, or 17" screen -Windows OS - Looking to play games on Max/High settings with 60fps with a GTX 980M or GTX 980M SLI - i7 that won't bottleneck a 980M or 980M SLI - Minimum of 4GB RAM, preferably 8GB RAM but no more than 16GB - Weight is not an issue -Battery life is irrelevant because I will be plugged in whenever in use. -SSD not required, but certainly welcome - Minimum 1TB HDD -Must have a optical drive -Must have a built in mic -Webcam optional - At least two USB ports, with one USB port on the right side of the laptop -Aluminum steel chassis preferred but not required -Backlit keyboard necessary -I'll also primarily be using headphones so loud fan noise isn't an issue as long as they keep the laptop cool. I'd like it to be as cool as possible since I will primarily gaming/using it on my lap although there will always be some kind of flat, hard surface, such as a white board or hard cover book, between my lap and the laptop, probably a laptop cooler. I've done a little bit of research and I know I DON'T want an Alienware, ASUS, Dell, Acer or Lenovo. I've been considering a $3000 configuration of a Sager laptop from xoticpc.com but I'm open to recommendations (hence this thread). If anyone has any recommendations for a $3000 configuration of a gaming laptop that exactly or closely fits these requirements I'd appreciate them. Also, it's worth noting that I used to have an Alienware M18x. I loved it but I soon found out that Alienware is an overpriced rip-off brand...even though my own personal experience with my M18x was very good. I found out that I could've have gotten better laptops for cheaper. Dell doesn't offer any laptops I want currently and Dell has notoriously AWFUL customer service; the Dell Facebook is literally nothing but complaints about the customer service. Alienware is not offering the M18x anymore either so I'm almost considering trying to upgrade my old M18x. I'm not tremendously interested in Acer's or Lenovo's gaming laptops, especially since I want to maximize the $3000 budget I've been allotted but I'll certainly consider any recommendation. The Acer VN7-791G-792A and the Lenovo Y series are okay but I think I can do better. As I've heard plenty of excellent reviews I may consider the ASUS G751JY-DH71 but I'm not happy about the laptop being difficult to take apart or the battery being impossible to remove. I also don't like the placement of the eject button for the optical drive. I'm heavily considering the Sager NP9377. If I decide to get my new laptop with SLI what do you recommend for adequate laptop cooling? Will a laptop cooler be sufficient? I'm also considering CPU undervolting if that would help. I've been getting a lot of ASUS recommendations, specifically for the ASUS G751JY. I don't like how the ASUS laptop is difficult to take apart, how its impossible to remove the battery and where the optical drive eject button is. The Gigabyte P37X is an excellent recommendation I received but I don't like how hot the laptop can get because it is so thin (although I acknowledge that this is because it is very light-weight). I also don't like how the laptop caps framerates when the fan isn't at full speed. It's also very noisy but the noise and heat are surely to be expected in a gaming laptop, especially one so thin. I definitely want to maximize my laptop's specs for the $3000 budget allotted to me which is why I'm interested in Sager and SLI, although I may consider the ASUS G751JY. I'm worried about a few things though... I heard from another thread in another forum that the i7 4710HQ is "such a limiting factor, its not even funny'" but from someone else on another forum I heard that none of the quad-core i7 processors would bottleneck 980m SLI. That's why I posted this thread. I don't know how to figure out what processors won't bottleneck a GPU setup, specifically which i7 processor won't bottleneck a 980M SLI setup. One person said the 4710HQ would be limiting and someone else said none of the i7s would bottleneck 980M SLI. I'm also worried about the display. The display is supposed to be an IPS display at 60Hz I think and TN displays are supposed to be better because they're faster. Is it really a huge difference when gaming or is it something I can deal with? I'm still open to suggestions and would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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