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  1. I have an XPS 9550 too with the Zotac 1060 6GB Mini, what score do you get on firestrike normal? I get 10900 in Graphics score just wanted to compare to Thunder2 since I have it with the Thunder3, thanks for the advice for the internal screen! < link redacted - no 3rd party affiliated site advertising> -MOD EDIT Since using the Thunder3 I haven't had a BSOD and I am using the 376.09 Driver with the 4542 Intel drivers.
  2. Great post with all the pictures. Do you plan to build any form of case for it and use a smaller PSU?
  3. Are these values the overall score or just the Graphics score? If it's the first, the Graphic score values would really interest me.
  4. Can you do some Benchmarks for this? That would be really cool. I guess with the M/A Key it runs with pcie x2, do you reach 3rd Gen or 2nd Gen?
  5. Are these the overall scores or just the "graphics score" part of the benchmark? You wrote GPU score, but just to make sure. Also, huge thanks for the values, my Thunder3 comes on Monday and I'll post benchmarks with my XPS 15. But if I look at people with a Thunder3 case, it seems like the performance between the Node and the Thunder3 are is the same.
  6. Do you know if the Node has any major differences from the Thunder3 aside from the PSU and the two missing ports, or will it in general perform like a Thunder3 just in another chassis? Just asking because I could buy a Thunder3 right now, but if the Node performs considerably better I might wait.
  7. Yeah, I mean over TB3. You said before that you noticed the performance decreasing while using peripherals on the Core. I just wonder how significant these performance hits were and if they resulted in micro-stutter, rubber banding or "normal" fps drops ( and to what degree ). Is it bearable with just keyboard and mouse or does it go down a set amount when anything is plugged in.
  8. (You mixed up ultra and extreme here) These number seem confirm that with increasing FPS the total efficiency over TB3 goes down. A normal GTX 1080 has scores around these: Normal - 21905 Extreme - 10293 Ultra - 5020 Source: http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-review,28.html Note that these values are form a non overclocked reference card, your ROG scored higher over x4.3 than a non-OC over x16.3. It seems like over direct PCIe x4.3 there is not much of a loss so I will take your x4.3 values from above for the calculation. ( 23143 / 10938 / 5451 ) When we look at TB3 compared to x4.3 there is a drop off of 20% at normal, 8.5% at extreme and 4.5% at ultra. The benchmark runs at around 100/60/10 FPS for normal/extreme/ultra respectively. My guess based on these values and experiences from the old x1.2/x1.3 times is that the performance hit over TB3/unsufficient bandwidth in general increases with higher FPS and everyone who looks at 144Hz gaming over TB3 should think twice. The 60 FPS mark seems in a good spot for me personally, the 8.5% hit is bearable for me. I wonder if or how this is in normal games and not synthetic benchmarks though and how much peripherals take away in addition.
  9. There are 3 types of TB3 Controller: 1 port, 2 port, and 1 port ULV. The first two are connected via x4.3 so the Thunderbolt Controller itself is only connected via 32Gbit/s and then itself provides a x4.3 link. In theory there would be 8Gbit/s free, but only on the cable level, so to speak. I wonder where they could even use these extra 8Gbit/s. Maybe when you daisychain a monitor the Displayport signal is separate from the x4.3 link. Additionaly there could be some kind of pci-express encapsulation for transport over TB3 which could create some overhead and explain why there is a slight performance decrease from direct x4.3 to TB3. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface)#Thunderbolt_3
  10. Yes, sadly. I kind of expected that he shows off how to install the GPU, connect the Node and make it work with a camera and then switch over to the game with an FPS counter. The lagging itself is not much of an issue in my opinion, because I doubt he streams that often and it has its difficulties for newcomers. Having said that, I really appreciate the step toward the community and hope AKiTiO keeps up the touch via social media.
  11. VOD of the Akitio Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/akitiousa/v/98857505 Sadly, he forgot to show an FPS counter. The lags seem like they come from the CPU or a bandwidth bottleneck.
  12. Glad I could help. Do you also have some Benchmarks for us to compare the 1060 eGPU score? I would be mostly interested in the Graphics sub-score of 3D Mark.
  13. Why are the Noctuas blowing air into the case though? The way it is now you compress the air pushed from the GPU cooler and the Noctuas between the two. If you would flip them you'd have a flow from the side window to the front.
  14. Yes, from your point of view. I'd also pick the Thunder 3. I mainly swing between two places with occasional events. The split is approx. 25/75 with the 75 part obviously being at home. I want USB on the eGPU for peripherals even if I take a performance hit, plus I have the option to just not connect additional devices. The volume and weight of a Thunder 3 with PSU are less than the Node, but it's really about dimensions as I will place a PSU at the other place, too. Thunder 3 + PSU + TB cable are 3 parts. Node + power cable+ TB cable are 3 parts. Just different sizes.
  15. True, but even with the Node looming I consider getting a normal Thunder3, because I still have an old XB360 PSU and I like to tinker anyway. I can't imagine that the Akitio Node will cost the same as the Thunder3.
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