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  1. I second Matsue's advice I do that too
  2. Thank you Humpteny for taking time to give me advice. I really appreciate it. I agree that I tend to have a hard time saying no and asking for help from my co-workers. If I do, I may be able to get some workload off my shoulders. My partner already suggested to me to try Regain so at least we have someone professional to help us sort through the chaos in our relationship. I might even consider it. I value our relationship so much. But I also love my work. I just need somebody to help me to balance them out.
  3. Cailley06

    Job Stress

    I'm currently working an office job in a bank. I'm beginning to think that the stress of my position is really getting to me. My partner and I rarely get to go out anymore, I don't see my friends that often and I'm starting to get migraines more often than ever. What are some good ways to deal with this?
  4. I think a couple do but there's really no beating a great desktop set-up. It's more customizeable and it's easier to switch out parts (like a monitor) in case you're looking to upgrade. Maybe try investing in desktops little by little instead?
  5. I'm also looking for a business laptop to replace my current one. I'm not sure whether I should get an Apple one. MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. But Apple said they are going to stop manufacturing Macbook air. I also like Microsoft Pro Surface 4 and the ASUS 360. But I'm not sure which among them is the best.
  6. Feels good that there are still new members coming in. Welcome everyone!
  7. Cailley06

    hello guys

    A little bit of activity from time to time. But hopefully, this forum can be active again.
  8. Leaving marks as much as possible.
  9. Cool that Avatar is on the latest comment here. I've watched it last weekend and I think it is super cool as always. But the last movie I've seen is Shawshank Redemption. It's always on the top rate movies of IMDB but I've never really had the chance to watch it until quite the other day. It's very inspiring, not what I expected.
  10. Too Good - Drake His new songs are really dope.
  11. Thanks to all your views. I'm sure that I'm preoccupied these days and need to relax. A relative gave me the advice to consult a psychiatrist. I might have a mild depression and will be needing some help.
  12. I've been forgetful about scenarios and important events these days. I hate to know that I'm growing old. But, do you think, that's the main reason why It's difficult for me to remember things? I hope this is normal. But, thanks to my smartphone that it reminded me that I'm going to attend an important meeting tomorrow. Nevertheless, have you encountered the same experience? Maybe, my brain is just tired and need to relax? What are your thoughts?
  13. Likewise! Still, go for Windows 7 instead of Windows 10.
  14. Not really @Logan. There were some who just visited the site and posted their comments.
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