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  1. Have a look at the EVGA Cards, they offer ITX-Size which should fit into the housing without modification. Just ordered the 1060, will let you know how it works out...
  2. Ordered the same, is it working well? Clearance to the Akito-Case top? I'm planning to replace the GTX 960...
  3. You might want to try using the connector of the LED. It's the same...
  4. Hi there, just a short thread to give you some inspirations. My setup consists of: Macbook Pro Retina 15" Late 2013 OSX + Windows 10 EVGA GeForce GTX 960 Superclocked ACX 2 Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box Dell-DA2 PSU Dell U2311H Display Samsung TV and Onkyo Receiver Steam Link XBOX One Controller / XBOX 360 Controller Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit-Ethernet Adapter I spend almost 30€ on Adapters and Cables, Crimps etc just to find out that it does not work well and it does not take much to get a sleek and simple design. You just have to be brave enough and willing to cut the Dell PSU The cut Dell-PSU. White is 12V, black GND, blue needs to be shorted against GND, red is not required and can be cut or isolated. I don't know whats that blank is for, so I just cut it. There is some additional cable from 1x 12V and 1x GND to be connected to the Akitio's Power Supply, I don't use the Barrel-Plug anymore. I drilled a hole (about 10mm width) right above the Power Connection. Intelligent people put the cable through the housing first, other (like me) have to force it Cables go under the board, there is about 1 cm of free space. Now it's time to solder the boards power supply. (No pictured) The tiny pins can be bought at Ebay ("PCI-E Pins"/ "PSU Power Connector Pins"). There are also "Wire End Sleeves"with crimp-able necks available which might work as well but I didn't try them. You might give them a try too . Doesn't look good but fits well. I use the lower plastic parts of one PCI-E 8 Pin Power Adapter to make the Pins fit in there, otherwise they would slip out the plug. Holes drilled for better cooling. The front Fan is still connected and blows air into the housing. The GPU Fan presses it out through the selfmade holes. Final and simple Setup, I'am streaming the games over network to my Steam Link. I still need to try if I can connect the TB-Ethernet Adapter to the back of the Akito. best regards kos
  5. I just cut mine open (was tired of these adapter-plug-hassle) and found, beside of those 8 lines, one blank (non-isolated) wire inside. What's that for?
  6. Finally I found the time to test it, yes it works. But - you need to have an external monitor plugged in and running. Further this monitor must be set as main monitor. Although I played with the Nvidia Control where I assigned the GTX to specific games, only the monitor solution works for me.
  7. Hi, has someone tested and found a combination between eGPU and Steam Link working successfully? Would be a decent solution, laptop and eGPU can be stored away whilst Steam Link remains in the shelf. brgds kos
  8. Just to be sure a few questions... Pin #1 (Sense) will be cut of on the Adapter cable and isolated - Right? Pin #5 (Remote) must be grounded against Pin #6 (GND) (or #7/8) - Right? Can I solder the Barrel Plug, lets say, only to Pins #4 + #8 or does this create to much unequal load to the PSU? I will connect 2,3,4 + 6,7,8 to the GPU as well, each of it by a single wire connection.
  9. Hi there, I'm from NortWest-Germany, running a MBPr 15" Late 2013 + (soon) an Akitio Thunder 2 and a EVGA 960 GTX. Think this site is awesome, came here from Youtube - Was checking out some commercial eGPU, found some Member (probably from here) posting a "Rip-Off Warning" and this lead me here.
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