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GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72


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I have a GT72 2QE Dom Pro G w 980M 4gb, currently incolved with the MSI GT tradeup program in the US, if this does not happen sooner I am very interested in the mod to allow a 1070 to work in my unit, will follow this thread, some great info.

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On 29/01/2017 at 6:37 PM, solidus1983 said:

Just click the link. It's safe I checked before hand. They do GTX1060/GTX1070 mxm cards replace the 87 to 86 at the end of url to swap between the two.

yet it's not for end users.. It's for massive orders.. right ?

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11 hours ago, Bloetschkopf said:

You also can modify Your Old GPU Heatsinkfor it,is not somuch work.


You gain another heatpipe with the newer heatsink, but yes, its an easy mod to do.


No, the MSI 1070N does not have any extra power supply connector, its just a plain MXM3.0b connector, no more, no less.

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I am looking forward to eventually just replacing my 980m 4GB with a 1070, simplest route to go and retain the features I like in my GT72 2QE

Your not the only one. This is something that MSI failed To understand. Not far away from smacking my money down and licking the ups/dhl tracker.

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Hi buddyes! I post this at nootebookreview but i think here they ara a lot of people interested with this! 


gt 1060 Upgrde succes! And its so amazing cooler and powerfull. With i7 3630qm i have 9250 points on fire strike (last update) with stock clocks!

This is not posible without help of Svet!

If anyone wants to upgrade here is my steps. First of all whe need 1c60 card. Eactly with this ID NVIDIA_DEV.1C60.11FF.1462

1- Flash unlocked bios and t.24 EC ( thanks to Svet)

2-Install your OS with Legacy boot, here with windows 10 pro LEgecy, maybe needs to convert storage to MBR

3-Update intel chipset and VGA drivers to last release

4-Mod last Nvidia drivers, nvmii and dispi needed, thanks to Svet!!

5-Boot with driver enforcment disabling ( hold Mayus key when push Restart button, i think option 7)

6-Install modded drivers

7-Enjoy !!!!!

After a lot of test, everithing works includes keyboard colors, only cant regulate brightness but its for EC. In battlefield 1 its runs with Auto Fans and really quiet, stays at 75Cº. With turbo fan on, stays at 63cº!!!! Amazing!!


PD: @Bugii Your problems its fied with legacy install of windows 10

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Hi, i have info of my experience for MSI GT60/GT70 and some questions:
1. To start 9xxm series on ivy bridge cpu:
1)need mod driver for gtx 9xxm series with stock vbios from clevo. And need throttle stop program for leave throttle. And need Bios upgrade to .51x or .71x version for GT70 or analog for GT60.
2) need write vbios with mod id from Perma or other. Then video card placed good and works with official drivers.
2. To start 1060 on GT70 on Haswell cpu is possible to implement as option 2 the above :
1) People say in upper posts this card start with mod drivers. But vbios from which dealer need? MSI or CLEVO?
2)Can Perma does make vbios with mod ID for GTX 1060 for MSI GT70/GT60. Then we can use official drivers? Please help with this ))))

Now i have notebook MSI GT70 Haswell CPU with GTX980m, which

I have no graphics card at the moment, but will be ordering a gtx 1060. If you will find Zotac 1070, then try to order it. Tomorrow I will sell it to buy a graphics card Pascal

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You can flash MSI Vbios on Clevo GTX 980M,than You don`t need mod Driver

Throtthlestop You can get from here:


Better is to use Mod Vbios from Svet from MSI Global Forum.

This Time is not possible tu mod Pascal Vbios,they have some Security Functions.

GTX 1060 You can get only with MSI Vbios yet

Here You will find the the latest Bios for GT70:

https://de.msi.com/Laptop/support/GT70-2PC-Dominator.html#down-bios&Win8.1 64





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