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  1. Currently modding my GTX 1060 MSI MXM card right now however it requires that you use a Hardware programmer and a SOIC 8 Test Clip with a 1.8v adaptor in order to flash it.
  2. The only Non-Gsync bios is version : Non-Gsync MXM Module is : 10DE.1C20.1462.11D5
  3. What is the Device ID of the GPU is it 1C20 or 1C60. As you can't flash a 1C20 vbios to 1C60 and visa versa it will brick the card. I have the vbios for all GTX 1060 / 1070's for non gsync and gsync's.
  4. 1C60 GTX1060 is a G-sync MXM card however as the ID's don't match the Nvidia Gsync cookie it won't enable G-sync. That's why G-Sync didn't show on your system after the upgrade. To OP You can't flash G-sync vbios to a non G-Sync card or visa versa as nvflash will stop it before you can even start flashing with an exception caught error. A G-sync version will still work correctly in a non G-Sync system so need to panic about that. Driver modding simply look for in the nvmii.inf file the lines with 1C20 or even 1C60 then copy and paste it then alter the last digit set for example 10DE.1C60.1462.11AF you swap to 10DE.1C60.1462.11FF. I do have a modded driver set already that works well based on Windows 10 x64 already zipped up so its a simple extract and run the setup.exe after turning driver enforcement off.
  5. Upgrade to either gtx770m or gtx970m or you could go the and 7970 route. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  6. What overclocks are you guys using ? GPU and MEM or just GPU?
  7. Thats a shame as they would make a killing if they did.
  8. Here is a Video of me upgrading my GT72-6QD with GTX 1060 BTW which is now overclocked with GPU Core +100 GPU Memory + 300
  9. Looks the same size as my GTX 970m and GTX 1060 Mobile. Although from what i heard it has a header issue when flashed with MSI vbios's
  10. @Julie Ok The batteries are so so different. The one your after if your after a battery for GT70 is the BTY-M6D. The BTY-M6D was used in the following laptops: GT663, GT683DX, GT780, GX660, GX780DX, GT60, GT680DXR, GT70, GT783, GX680, GT670, GT683R, GT780DX, GX660DX, GX780R, GT660R, GT683, GT760R, E6603, GX780, GT680DX, GT685R, GT780R, GX660R, GT663R, GT683DXR, GT780D, GX660D, GX780DXR, GT660, GT680R, GT760, GT783R, GX680R, GT680, GT685, GT780DXR, GX660DXR, GX60, The GT72 however uses a different battery all together it uses the BTY-L77 which is an internal battery its the same battery used in all new GT72/72VR/73 GT80/83 systems. BTY-M6D Image: BTY-L77 Image:
  11. Just done the Upgrade myself MXM GTX 1060 has the G-Sync vbios although the system UEFI bios needs updating to enable G-Sync. Went from 6,503 Firestrike score on the GTX 970m to a nice 9,873 Firestrike score whilst holding a steady 1911mhz GPU clock drawing 102watt from the MXM slot. Will do proper benchmark runs tomorrow ready for the video i have now made.
  12. Well my GTX 1060 MXM Module and Heatsink have arrive. Already done a Benchrun with the GTX 970m MXM to record Temps / Power / Performance. So got to script everything now ready for the Video i am going to make about Upgrading the GT72-6QD. So just checking as both GT72-6xx and GT72-2xx systems are the same just for the CPU Heatsink, with mention that CPU Heatsink was required on the GT72-2xx i take its just the Heatsink from the GT72-6xx Laptop? Or does it have to be modded. Also is there any over information you think should be in my video considering i will be recording the whole upgrade on a GT72-6QD.
  13. Not sure as I don't own one of them laptops. But it does look like it Sent from my SHIELD Tablet K1 using Tapatalk
  14. No problem, It will work on IVY and Haswell based GT60/70 system from what i have seen. Will require a mod on the Heat sink dor it to mount the new GPU correctly and a Driver mod. Just make suer your running the latest Bios and EC firmware updates first though.
  15. It will work fine on GT60 haswell Sent from my SHIELD Tablet K1 using Tapatalk
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