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  1. Unless there are updates to micro-code, and maybe ME firmware/SATA/GBe rom updates there is no much if nothing to do to a unlocked bios(as far as I know).
  2. And is that unpopulated footprint really an SLI bridge/interface, or is it some debug/test interface? Because if its not SLI the most likelly result is a pair of fried gpu's.
  3. And a Targus aka cheap crap charger to feed all that was also a bad choice..
  4. Both have a miniPCIe WiFi card, so yes, you can use an EXP GDC Beast type of eGPU adapter.
  5. Why do their cards have a "mod-wire"? Needed for the Clevo systems or needed for any non Pascal laptop to work with a Pascal GPU?
  6. Maybe something went wrong during the flash. Have you tried removing your RAM(s) stick(s) and trying one by one, and also, clean then with a white rubber very gently. If not, there should be some key combo that should enable rescue BIOS flash, that will read the bios from a usb stick with a specific file name, sorry for being vague, I dont know a lot about Lenovo.
  7. Taobao prices after adding shipping and Paypal fees end in the 750-800€, on eBay its "only" around 100€, and one or another will be hit hard by customs in my country, so extra 23% VAT over all that Lets wait for volta to come out to see if Pascal gets cheaper lol.
  8. Good to see successful upgrades to 1070. I want to get one, but they are so expensive, and then I dont know where I could sell my current 980m, I dont think that 500$ to go from 980m to 1060 is worth it, its a bit faster yes, but not 500$ faster..
  9. The most common is an EXP GDC V7.0 Beast that you connect to the MiniPCIexpress slot that is used by your wifi card.
  10. I would bet in a damaged audio jack, if the laptop as warranty make use of it.
  11. Clevo made Alienware before it was bought by Dell, if that says something to you..
  12. Disassemble the laptop, clean the heatsink with a brush or compressed air while holding the fan still, then clean the cpu, gpu and the heatsink faces with napkins and alchool, apply a thin line of thermal paste in the cpu because is very rectangular and a pea sized drop in the gpu. User Artic MX4 or Kryonaut. Toshiba is already throttling is CPU to 30Watts TDP via current limit, so your best bet is to undervolt it, it will be cooler and you will gain 100-200Mhz under load. I have a P50-A and I spent a couple hours to remove the stupid current limitation : But I'm using LiquidUltra on mine because the heatsink is all cooper all I did was apply nail polish over the exposed caps and test pads on the cpu/gpu and applied the LiquidUltra.
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