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  1. Hi buddyes! I post this at nootebookreview but i think here they ara a lot of people interested with this! gt 1060 Upgrde succes! And its so amazing cooler and powerfull. With i7 3630qm i have 9250 points on fire strike (last update) with stock clocks!This is not posible without help of Svet!If anyone wants to upgrade here is my steps. First of all whe need 1c60 card. Eactly with this ID NVIDIA_DEV.1C60.11FF.14621- Flash unlocked bios and t.24 EC ( thanks to Svet)2-Install your OS with Legacy boot, here with windows 10 pro LEgecy, maybe needs to convert storage to MBR3-Update intel chipset and VGA drivers to last release4-Mod last Nvidia drivers, nvmii and dispi needed, thanks to Svet!!5-Boot with driver enforcment disabling ( hold Mayus key when push Restart button, i think option 7)6-Install modded drivers7-Enjoy !!!!!After a lot of test, everithing works includes keyboard colors, only cant regulate brightness but its for EC. In battlefield 1 its runs with Auto Fans and really quiet, stays at 75Cº. With turbo fan on, stays at 63cº!!!! Amazing!! PD: @Bugii Your problems its fied with legacy install of windows 10
  2. Hi all! Last build works for 1060 on msi gt70 laptop? Thanks in advance!
  3. All the history. I buyed a new hd7970m for msi. In first star, i change the bios to legacy rom and its enbled. well, but the image its green..........im going to flash dell vbios and great! Alll ok but in a stupid moment, i clear cmos and boila! Screen its black. I tried blind flash for put new bios but all its the same All the usb ports, cant turn on...... the usb, floppy dirve (usb) etc dont powers on..............i think my only way its a burned cd with rom but, why? I tried with ultraiso booteable image with boot.img and amibios.rom (only). Start on, cd rotate max power and go slolwy.......at 20 min, nothing happns........im desesparated........ Sorry for my english but its without translate, please be merciful
  4. If tried ti flash the original BIOS i Miss the lagacy rom and if flash unlocked is configured disable legacy. Please, can you send you image another chanse
  5. Yes, i tried VGA out, HDMI, all the posibilitis and i think the bios has corrupted. if i tried a blind flash, nothing happens. Noo beeps on Star up....i dont think whats the problem
  6. please i need a help, not post, no image and blind flash dont function...... what happens? I tried all the tips on 69 pages of thread and i dont know what happen
  7. a dell vbios 15.22 on MSI card but i reset the cmos battery and the Legacy rom optionhas disabled. If flash the bios with legacy rom enable, works?
  8. please, i need a bios file for gt683r Raid0 with legacy rom enabled! My card dont postç
  9. its a green image, everithink its a green aparence
  10. i tried to reset bios and everyting its the same. I flashed vbios becuse the screen tis green! But now its black, not boot.....i dont know whats its the best way to revive my laptop
  11. please help me to flash you bios! The screen its black and legacy rom its diabled! After flash the vbios and reboot the screen its black!
  12. I FLASHED A NEW VBIOS AND THE SCREEN ITS GREEN, with image but green....
  13. you recomend undervolted? Or stock? Dell 15.22 stock works ?
  14. Great! Iv installed your bios file, now the screens its green but i have image. Next step its flash vbios? Where is vbios colection?
  15. Thank you for hekp!! Please let me the image of BIOS for Flash it. Its a RAID 0 gt683. Blind flash its a automaticall proces?
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