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  1. ok good news on my end . i got it working with the help of Svet and its performing like a charm . Now its worth mentioning that he does not know if it will work on windows 8.1 and furthermore what makes this work is the way the nvmii.inf file is modded . I was replacing a gtx 1060 entry with my gpu id (which didnt worked) so what he did is erase all 1c60 (there are 3 groupings of these) entries from the inf file and use the first 1c20 entry to replace with the gtx 1060 installed on the laptop that is basically what he did in a nutshell. if any of you need the inf file for 392.01 pm to send it so you can see for yourself what he did. btw my model is a gt60 2oc with 3k monitor ips .
  2. hello !! is only windows 10 or it can be windows 8.1 as well ?, also what modifications have to be made to dispi file ?, i modded nvmii file only and i get a black screen after reboot D:
  3. i received the card today and i installed it on legacy mode and driver worked for about 15 minutes then screen went black , i have gt60 2oc , dont know whats going on , edit im using windows 8.1
  4. afaik OS must be installed in legacy mode (according from information on this thread) are you running legacy or uefi?
  5. thank you very much !! one more thing , my gt60 haswell has uefi OS installed , just to confirm do i need to reinstall OS in legacy mode in order the gtx 1060 to work right?
  6. hello !! i have a question the top heatsink is maxwell and the bottom one is kepler if im not mistaken , there are some green sections in the kepler where we need to "raise" to get contact with the gpu component in that area , in the maxwell it does not show any part we need to "raise" just remove , just want to confirm if the maxwell heatsink we need to raise anything or is just remove the red parts? thanks for your time
  7. just wondering if the gtx 1060 upgrade on the gt60 is confirmed or it was someone who said it is possible wihout showing any proof? thanks again EDIT: NVM i just saw the benchmarks !!
  8. just to double check the top heatsink is maxwell right?
  9. what about the gt60 haswell ? it would be possible to get the gtx 1060 to work in one?
  10. try reinstalling drivers after you flash the card , i think device id changes, that may be the cause
  11. device missmath error comes after i press Y it crashes right after that. but thanks for your help , i got perma gtx 970m custom vbios and it flashed fine , now im getting better temps with a small fps inrease.
  12. hello !! i tried to flash my gtx 970m 6gb with the svl7 vbios . i have a gt60 2pe with 32gb ram gtx 970m, core i7 4810qm
  13. hello , im using the nvflash provided on the first post but im unable to complete the flash process, i have disabled the gtx 970m on device manager and running cmd as an admin. i get an error device id mismatch
  14. this is typical you have to type nvflash -6 "bios name" and hit enter , if the ids are different the program will let you know and wil ask if you are ok with changing the id , you have to say yes , worst case scenario is you will have to mod the nvidia drivers with new id.
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