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  1. whats the cost of the 1070 card and a GT62VR heatsink? I have a GT72 2QE 1666 (i7 5700 HQ ,980m 4gb, 75hz G Sync M.2 Super Raid only & MUX) but have been offered a new GT73VR w 7820HK & 1070GTX for $800 US upgrade, plus I get a new 2 yr warranty. So if the 1070GTX costs me $800-1000 and I sell my 980M for say 450 it is a $450-500 upgrade plus work & drivers and no warranty so I question is - Is it worth it worth it, plus I still have the GT72 2QE w DDR3 and M.2 SSD not DDR4 , 120hz, and super raid w nvme plus a 2 yr warranty as I bought mine as a manufacture refurb and it is out of warranty now after 6 mths
  2. I appreciate your reply so just to confirm, I can drop an MSI 770M 3GB from a MS-1762 into a MS-1761 GT780DXR . I will just have to fill some area with thermal pads. Will I be able to run this system with same power supply or does it need to be upgraded? I am guessing it does not.
  3. cisco kidd

    MSI GT70 MXM Card

    I just want to confirm that I can install/drop in with no modification an MSI GTX 770M to my GT780DXR which has a GTX 570m 1.5gb. I would just like to use the original heatsink that is in system already. If the 770m requires a heatsink mod can someone post what I should look for and if I dont want to mod the heatsink will an MSI GTX680 just drop in ?
  4. Can anyone tell me whether the MS-1761 GT780 DXR with a i7 2630QM following bios flash to unlock will accept DDR3 1600 and run at 1600 speed. Native with original bios the system runs 1333 memory
  5. I am looking forward to eventually just replacing my 980m 4GB with a 1070, simplest route to go and retain the features I like in my GT72 2QE
  6. MK077 eht htiw og tsuj ot dediced sah eh ,oruE ni si taht yltsoc oot si ti ,079 eht rof hcum taht yap ot gniog ton si yddub yM That is way to costly for my freidn doing the upgrade, he is just going to go with a GTX 770M, I just have to find the correct one and I am waiting to be able to download the MS-1761 modified bios file, I have been a member for more than 5 days now and I have postedf 5 times but am unable to download the bios file we require to unlock bios and run some ddr3 1600 in his notebook
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum but stumbled across a great bios mod for the MS-1761 my buddy owns but I have to wait a few days before I can download after some posts. We would also like to upgrade the 570M 1.5gb gpu. I have found that an MSI 770M 3GB or a Clevo 970M 6gb both will work but the 970 will require a heatsink mod. What I would like to kow is whether the 770M can use the original 570M sink, just keeps it easier and is cheaper. Next plan to upgrade ram to 32GB of 1866 in 2 x 16gb or 4 x 8 of 1600 after the bios flash. Last will be a pair of Evo 850's in raid 0 so my buddy can extend the units lifespan and use it as his editing machine. Any feedback is greatly welcomed:)
  8. Can anyone confirm MS-1761 Gt780DXR and upgrading the 570 1.5 to a 770M MSI card and whether one ca use the original 570 sink?? MS-1762 is model following the 780DXR, hoping we can leave sink as is
  9. Looking for any assistance on a Gt780 DXR and upgrading the 570m 1.5 to a 770M GTX, just wondering if heatsink needs to be replaced?
  10. I have a GT72 2QE Dom Pro G w 980M 4gb, currently incolved with the MSI GT tradeup program in the US, if this does not happen sooner I am very interested in the mod to allow a 1070 to work in my unit, will follow this thread, some great info.
  11. I am hoping to download the bios update file for MS-1761, this will greatly assist a friend who has an MSI GT780DXR and we want to upgrade it with a 770M 3Gb or, possibly a 970M 6GB, also increase ram to 4 x 1600 or 2 x 1866 for 32gb total and raid a pair off ssd's he wants to use it as his editing machine. For whatever reason I can not yet download the file, does it require a certain number of posts first on the forum? note: i read more and see I have to be a memeber for a week w 5 quality posts before I can download... hopefully a moderator can approve it sooner:)
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