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  1. i remember someone over at NBR had massive heatsink mod. BTW, you can insert any card under the slave GPU slot to enable the slave fan.
  2. You can buy M17XR4 motherboard and replace it. And if you somehow finally managed to find a BIOS that supports UEFI, please let me know here as well. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the unlocked BIOS! Also, is there a chance that you might consider including KBL into DM BIOS?
  4. i have tried to OC my 870M 3G myself, but always ended up with driver crashing. i assume i needed more voltage but it does not seem to go above 1.08 no matter what. Can anyone help me OC this? gtx870muefi.rom
  5. the Monitor cable might be loose, i dont think it should break down so easily.
  6. i have a M17xR4 with 2860QM, i hardly tell the difference of +-0.4ghz. my CPU temperature goes up to 80 with turbo for games, you need to upgrade the GPU.
  7. you can get Clevo laptops, but hard to tell if you can upgrade to the next gen gpu. 1050ti laptops are pretty much BGA, you can get 1060 clevo laptops
  8. previously it was Expansion Packs, now it is DLC. so much for no microtransaction
  9. most of my games are due to impulse buying.
  10. Is the Erik9519 vbios suitable for the 3G Vram version of 870M?
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