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  1. So it's more hardware r3 mobo issue rather than BIOS/software that's limiting uefi capabilities. I suppose you are right that no fix will enable this. Well if thats the case then the r4 mobo replacement sounds like the only way i suppose. lancel seem to endorse this and ll_r1d0_ll have done it. Indeed God created laptops. Well I'll go around looking for threads to aid me then. Okay sure. Will check out the 980m in the m15x threads to see if i can harvest some useful info. Thanks !
  2. Wow guys thanks ! I've never thought of doing that. Makes sense as the R4 is similarly built to the R3. And there's also a thread that showed how a guy got to pair a m17xr4 with a 1070. Well this changes my plan. Will look around for a cheap r4 mobo then consider my options with the 880m. If it's not viable might just settle for the 880m. I wonder tho if my 2960XM would have any issues with the r4 chipset, but if your 2760qm works then shouldnt be an issue for me too. Will look around for a thread to replace the r3 mobo with the r4. thanks!
  3. Hi guys. As with the title, is there any way to get a m17x r3 to use UEFI or is this just a pipe dream? I read over the internet that this requires Dell company itself to refactor the BIOS and release it to the public. Well if that's the case many believe it would be easier to land a man on Mars then to get Dell's help on this issue. Does the hardware itself plays a roll in updating to UEFI ? Well if the motherboard itself doesn't support UEFI and its more of a hardware limitation rather than a software, please let me know and I'll let this dream go, once and for all. Well if not, does anyone else knows of any other way to get a m17x r3 to UEFI-capable ? Imagine fast-booting into win10 and more importantly, a chance to get a 980M working in a m17x r3. (from my understanding 880M is as far as the m17x r3 can go as the 980M requires UEFI-capabilities) I know my laptop is approaching 7 years old and by now most m17xr3 are phrased out but i still believe there are some owners out there still kicking about with their madly modded-out r3s (like me). Thanks for the read
  4. Hello friends. Joined this forum years ago but lost my password. Just got it reset and back into my account. One could say I am still a new member in a way. Currently planning to get a 880M for my 6 years old Alienware m17x R3. Did my research and concluded that this card is as far as the Sandy Bridge CPU and Cougar Point chipset could take. It won't support 900M series cards and 900M series also require an UEFI motherboard which I lack. Currently using a 680M I got from Dell Support, FOC, few years back as my original 460M had issues. Dell's services in my experience are top notch. As expected the 3D function no longer works and I have to mod Ge-force's .inf files if I want to update my GPU Driver. The 3D panel also means Optimus is disable from factory. Nonetheless, all of this do not bother me and the performance gain over a 460M makes it worth while. Anyways, found a retailer claiming to sell brand new 880Ms for ~330$. Will get a 880M and give it a try. Also, I've just upgraded my CPU to a i7-2960XM too. Got it online for a measly ~200$. Had to upgrade the under-powered CPU fan to a m14x CPU's fan tho. Needed to bent/shave a few plastic/metal frame, but got it to fit nevertheless. The powerful fan now keeps the 2960XM temps in check (this CPU is HOT). I followed a guide I came across online (drop me a post and I'll be happy to point you to the CPU fan upgrade guide for m17xr3). Well, hope the laptop will last me another few years with the 880M and 2960xm upgrades. Other specs are a 840 Pro 512 GB SSD, 16GB ram, 120Hz 3D monitor (although I can't use 3D anymore, still enjoy the high refresh rate). Also changed to a 330W power brick as the old 240W were starting to let out on me after 6 years. Heck I went with the 330W as it was priced the same as a 240W and those extra power headroom won't hurt. Well it works great for now and only time will tell how well this power brick will last. Overall the m17r3 is a great laptop if you know to care for it. Premium price paid but would last you well over 5 years. Couldn't say the same with the new generation of Alienware laptops as I do not own one. Cheers !
  5. Oh I've just read "User Account Promotion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!" post. Never mind guys, ignore the previous post. I know what I have to do to download it.
  6. Hello guys Could anybody point me in the right direction to downloading this Kelper vBios pack by svl7 ? When ever I try it says that I do not have the access to download it. Many thanks !
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