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  1. When I bought my Alienware lapotop I had exacltly the same issue. It was still under warranty, so I called the Dell Support and they sended a guy to change the entire screen. But I think that the problem was in the connection of the screen and the lapotop.
  2. As Suoah says, when the computers is pluged to the power supply, it doesn't get any energy of the battery, it only charges it if not full. If it's full, the computer internally disconects the battery.
  3. Have you tried to press the Graphics switch button? At least my laptop brings a key to switch between I/D graphics. Also, I have a friend that his computer automatically switches the graphics when they are demanded.
  4. I'm here becouse I want to download the Alienware 680m vBios, right now I have 7 posts, but I still can't download the file... Help please?
  5. I mean, about Ubi$oft and their AC: Unity, Watch Dogs, EA stuff and so...
  6. Duning

    Favorite MMO?

    I played about three years to WOW, right now I'm playing TERA
  7. This is mine http://puu.sh/ecjxf/7a12715299.png
  8. Duning

    LoL vs Dota

    I personally prefer Dota 2. Nicer community and so...
  9. Motherboard: Alienware M17x standard base CPU: Intel i7-3740QM RAM: 16Gb 1600Mhz Video card: GeForce GTX 680M 2Gb GDDR5 Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3Di Networking: Killer Wireless-N 1103 Hard Drive: 750Gb 7200rpm SATA Case: Alienware M17x R4 Power Supply: Alienware 240W AC Adapter
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