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  1. wth you talking about? 970m gets 10k on stock. 14k overclocked. his score is 5k something is terribly wrong.
  2. no no no . the hotfix driver is even worse....i went back to 345 20 as well.
  3. This is my latest score...it's ridiculous..omg what a beast of a card. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4710HQ,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. G751JT
  4. Hey I have to repaste my gpu bro..and pics confuse me i wish you've made a video..can you make a video?
  5. check that out..it seems to be a driver problem..try to use different drivers. - - - Updated - - - also try to delete microsoft update KB982526 someone said he removed all the updates from windows and his card started working again. try to remove KB982526 if itdoesnt work dont update windows and see what happens.
  6. Thanks mate. The highest I've seen my temps so far is 82C in games like battlefield 4 and metro last light. and yep i hold the highest graphics score in 3dmark11 and firestrike for the single 970m and yeah im using a custom vbios made by Dreamonic
  7. Firestrike Score: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6388013 i was able to get the highest oc numbers for the 970m luckly..this is a lot of overclocking. lol very nice card. highly recommended. Special thanks to Dreamonic for his vbios mod.
  8. Well my gpu usage drops in every single game at only some parts of it to %60 and i dont know why its not throttling or anything else its the vram for sure.
  9. haha that's true man. i remember couple years back I've had the asus g750 with 765m in it..i would get 4k on 3dmark11. now we are at 13.5k temps are not bad either.but you see Nvidia trying to take that away from us. Hey man i probably dont have 60 years to live like you but i always picture what would pc gaming be like 100 years later.
  10. Hello 970m Owners, By now a lot of asus users with 970m and other 970m owners overclocked their GPU. I want to see who got the highest score among us. the most I've got 3dmark11 and Firestrike is
  11. if you see colorful flashing that means your memory is too high. try to lower your memory..in some games u might not notice it because some games use more memory and less memory than each other if i explained it right.
  12. well it depends what you consider safe..but so far 4-5 people with asus g751jt using this rom was able to get around 1400-1450 core at 1.2 volt. and temps around 84-85c
  13. No mate, It's only for Asus G751JT. It will brick your card.
  14. Congrats! lol you're way ahead of 980m stock. i wish my card could do that! very lucky man! have fun mate!
  15. I am sure there is a way to modify the INF files in NVIDIA drivers to re-enable overclocking and someone somehow will do it soon if NVIDIA doesn't re-enable it themselves withing the next 5 drivers. We either going to have to use modded drivers when they come out. If they don't we are going to have to either use this 344.75 driver or we are going to have to flash our vBIOS with our max stable clocks so we don't need a utility. then we can use the new drivers. but for now i will just stick with 344.80
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