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  1. Nope no Gsync. I'll lay out the pros and cons.... Pros: The card works great. And performs better than my 980m SLI setup ( there are a few exceptions. Some of my SLI benches in the past were pretty close with premas mods. So hopefully prema does some stuff with the 1070). Power save modes available through nvidia, and overall battery life increased. VR support now available. More headroom to OC since I only have a 330 watt power supply. 4k gaming performance seems better (only tested with fallout 4, witcher 3 thus far). Cons: No Gsync (Because of the issue below). BIOS doesn't recognize the card. So UEFI is the only way you can use this card. Cant flash or update my bios (unless there is a way to do it without disabling UEFI). Overclocking is limited because of the above issues. Afterburner will have to do.. So anywho.... I suppose you could flash the bios if you had a a second compatible card. Which I don't :(. I would really like to know if using a modded BIOS would solve some of these issues. Or if such a bios exist.
  2. Since I switched over to a single card I have all this extra space and a heat sink and fan no longer in use. I was wondering if there would be a cheap alternative to buying the duel/6 pipe heat-sink - It is pretty expensive. Is there a way to mod/bridge the one two I have now . I attached a photo of what it looked like before I switched to a single card. Basically the right (slave) is empty. Of course I am not expecting a mod that would work as good as the 6-pipe heat sink built for my system. But it would be cool if I could use what I have and get my temps a little lower.
  3. HA! Ok Eurocom finally responded. Just needed to use their custom drivers they emailed me. And install in test mode. Everything is working as it should now. going to test the badboy out!!!
  4. Hello Again, So I decided to ditch the 980m SLI Configuration and take my chances with the GTX 1070 from Eurocom. Currently, it is physically installed - but I am having issues getting the drivers installed. As of now the laptop boots into windows with generic video drivers. First, I would like to clear things up. From what I have gathered so far: GSync is not an option for the time being? I need to use a specific VBios and Bios, as well as specific drivers? Is this still the case today? I was getting my information here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-870dm-g-and-msi-gtx-1070.806987/ It looks like the person who successfully got this card to work used a programmer to load the Vbios. I just need some direction here if anyone can help. I dont see how eurocom can sell these cards specifically for p870dm-g. Looks like I am going to try giving them a call again. I have a feeling they have some firmware they don't have linked on their website.
  5. I'd like to continue this topic because I did end up buying the 1070 from Eurocom. Is this ok? I
  6. My question was have you heard anything on future updates. Eurocom has already stated they are working on a gtx 1080 for this model. But They said that months ago. Others say its not going to happen. I guess I was just hoping you heard something That I haven't already. I didnt want to upgrade to the 1070 if they get the 1080 working.
  7. @bennyg Have you heard anything about future upgrades for this model? Do you think the 1070 upgrade would be worth it ? I figure I could sell these cards for 500 a piece and upgrade to the 1070 and still have a little extra cash. I really thought when I purchased this PC more AAA games would be SLI compatible. Well I was wrong. FORZA 3 Horizon for example doesn't take advantage of SLI. Which is the reason I have to overclock. I managed to get 1080 ultra @ 54-60 frames which is good enough, after overclocking. otherwise I drop down to low 40s. I seen eurocom talking about a possible gtx 1080 upgrade for this model but so far nothing.
  8. Thank you @Spellbound that worked. kind of bummed that I'm limited by my psu tho. I was really hoping 330w would have a little more headroom. I managed to overclock but I couldn't get to where I wanted without my PSU overheating. Thanks again!!
  9. I think I found my Answer? Sadly, I think the link to the vbios I need, is broken. I can not find the gtx 980m (DM) vbios that works anywhere. I've tried almost every vbios that that could potentially work. I give up for the night. I been at this for hours. This is my computer if anyone should respond: p870dm-g Thanks in advance!
  10. Trying to follow this guide to flash 980 M (SLI CONFIG) but I am getting a mismatch error. The NVFlash version linked in the tutorial seems outdated - Since its 32 bit and doesn't seem to find my card info - So I used the latest version and had no issue up to: nvflash -6 vbiosname.rom at this point I get this: C:\WINDOWS\system32>c:\nvflash64.exe -i0 -6 c:\flash.rom NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.353.0) Simplified Version For OEM Only Checking for matches between display adapter(s) and image(s)... Adapter: GeForce GTX 980M (10DE,1617,1558,0871) H:--:NRM S:00,B:01,D:00,F:00 WARNING: None of the firmware image compatible PCI Device ID's match the PCI Device ID of the adapter. Adapter PCI Device ID: 1617 Firmware image PCI Device ID: 13D7 WARNING: Firmware image PCI Subsystem ID (10DE.110B) does not match adapter PCI Subsystem ID (1558.0871). WARNING: None of the firmware image compatible Board ID's match the Board ID of the adapter. Adapter Board ID: E923 Firmware image Board ID: E906 NOTE: Exception caught. Nothing changed! ERROR: GPU mismatch I read up and some say don't try and force it.....Could somebody please tell me what to do at this point?
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