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  1. The left side of the card will pass through the cpu heatsink screws on our EM's... What a big card! Also memory chips with proper cooling contact are great If this is the future standard for clevo cards it'll probably fit any future card. Just imagine a full fat pascal with HBM2 and space to power it properly.
  2. Hi guys, Do you have an unlocked vbios for 4gb 675mx gtx on P150hm?
  3. Hi Prema, It's possible to use a external G-sync monitor with a P170EM?
  4. Have you tested the msi 2gb model in a P1x0EM?
  5. It seems to be the one that comes with AMD cpu. Do you think it's an issue?
  6. Here in Brazil things costs more than you can imagine... 980m gtx for about $1100 970m gtx for about $800 I've found a used 8970m for $300 I just need my nb working again. Later I'll grab a 980m... Just wait for fracking shit fallacy show upto our currency stabilize
  7. My old card just failed and I need a cheap replacement. Just found a msi 8970m 2gb. Someone already tested it on P1xoEM?
  8. Prema, Which situations it won't work?
  9. I'm sure once it's done you'll open a beer pub with all P1x0EM users donations!
  10. Here! Generic VGA video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3740QM Processor,CLEVO P15xEMx
  11. Hi godfafa, If you add a little voltage you can go higher than 4.5Ghz? or there is a power limit in the mobo?
  12. Sorry Klem, I don't have it anymore... I know about the possible paper in the back of the VGA but I have no thermal paste left.
  13. I´m using: Clevo 675mx (4GB) -. 'OCedition'_rev00 zip Svl7 modded BIOS.
  14. Sandy i7 2920xm still Rocks! NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2920XM Processor,CLEVO P170EM
  15. Someone have a 675mx gtx 4gb clevo vbios with more than 1.025V? My GPU hits about 65/67 Celsius at 1045/4950 and it can handle a lot more.
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