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  1. Hey guys thanks all for the help i have decided to sell my old laptop and with the extra cash i have bought a Lenovo Legion Y720
  2. Im thinking of getting a lenovo legion y720 do you guys think its a good choice ?
  3. I dont really trust no name brands
  4. looked for it couldnt find it where is it ? is it a laptop because i need the portability i would take a gtx 1050ti laptop over a gtx 1080 desktop What are the components? Things what i need : IPS display 1TB space at least 8GB RAM Back lit keyboard Good graphics card Good processor Decent battery life Not overheating MAX budget about 1100$
  5. Dell : http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/productdetails/inspiron-15-7567-laptop Acer : https://www.cnet.com/products/acer-aspire-vx-15/preview/ Now i was surfing on the internet my laptop bow is a lenovo im pretty happy with it it just doesnt pull out enough power but look what i found http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/legion-y-series/y520/?action=testB its not out yet thought but i dont mind that since i need to save like a 100$ more And thanks for replying to this and helping me out
  6. So what gaming laptop would u reccommend at a budget around 800$ ?
  7. Hi so im decidng which laptop i whould buy to replace my lenovo yoga 500 with a gtx 940m Im deciding between these 2 laptops for gaming and build quality either Acer aspire vx15 Or Dell inspiron gaming 15 7000 For both the 799$ version If you suggest any other laptops please tell me and thanks for reading this
  8. Hi im looking for a gaming laptop around 800$ but no more then 900$ I mostly will use it for gaming And then maybe for editing a little internet a bit and thats it I have checked the new dell inspiron gamung 15 7000 but most people say its shit quality so idk ty for the replies and suggestions
  9. Great spent all my money on this i guess ill get a better one in about 3 years when i get the money
  10. Thanks ive done all of that already is there anything else i can do ? Also thanks for all the help youre doing i really appreciate it
  11. So i was thinking if i could make my lenovo yoga 500 better since its not very powerful when coming to games i usually play War thunder and i can get 60fps while on minimal and the laptop overheats quite fast so would there be a way how to make it faster like getting eGPU upgrading the components etc. I have also heard that the graphics card and the processor are soldered to the motherboard so i cant change it that easy please im open to any advices thanks in advance
  12. In that case what could i do to make it faster (More FPS) while playing games
  13. So i have decided i would like to upgrade my lenovo yoga 500 and ive been thinking about a graphics card so is there a gtx 1050 ti for a laptop ? if yes where can i get it and what is the price range ? or do you recommend me any other good graphic cards ? Thanks in advance
  14. OK so i was thinking if adding a EGPU to my Lenovo Yoga 500 would it work ? Since im not very good at computers i dont really know. i would love if someone answered to my question thanks in advance And if you can what would be the best one i only want something simple what i can easily connect not anything complex or maybe not a eGPU somehting else what can speed up my laptop
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