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  1. I see. Give me some time to get ready and update to 1607, I will check what is going on on that version.
  2. 雨灵, I will try updating the Windows 10 to 1607 to review. Could you please try to close both IdeaFan and OpenHardwareMonitor and run them manually? Are temperatures shown then?
  3. Hi 雨灵, as I understand no problem about English, it sufficient to understand ;). 1. I have 1511 still, because when going with further Windows update = INTERNET is gone. So I had to revert. Could you confirm what is your current Windows 10 version (Start->Run... and type winver.exe)? I understand, that automatic mode is not working and temperatures are not showing. I believe I can fix it - give me some time to review. 2. I believe I will be able either to find or code some sensor app to receive temperatures. I will get back with the solution. 3. Yes, not showing on my PC too. I have been running manual mode, but it is not as convenient as the temperature based. So I personally want the solution too. Any others using Windows 10? I am at least thankful my y510p drivers still work on Windows 10. In fact, it runs faster than previous Windows versions. Update 2016-09-04: IdeaFan 1.6 (link is in the first post) is working on Windows 10 Build 15111.
  4. Hi, I noticed you copied my bios walkthough video in youtube, could you please add the link to original video in the youtube video comments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGaRBBBR8Ac Thanks
  5. Is this it: 0.635 BAY PLUG ASSY ? I mean this one: TE 1376974 1 0.635 BAY PLUG ASSY-in Other Passive Components from Electronic Components & Supplies on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group Is it the exact match @elementalfx ? And does it work at all?
  6. Try using http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/7358-ideafan-y510p.html it does the same dust removal and with forum members help tweaked timeouts in between starting dust removal. Temperatures keeps steady for me more than a year and half of usage now.
  7. Lizzo - because noone ever did it. Either only screen is black - then people provided instructions for when bios boots up, use up/down/enter keys to reset the igpu value (find bios video to check where to go in youtube). Or the screen is black because bios flash failed and EC is bad, so USB is not even booting. If someone ever solved this, other than replacing motherboard, please do share.
  8. Hi SteelTempest. Could you explain how to reproduce it? You first run some program, then you double click the ideafan icon ? Or how its ran? Because if you are in some window, you cannot run IdeaFan w/o going out of that window (to desktop or explorer). Not sure how to reproduce it.
  9. I see there is uEFI security upgraded BIOS 3.08. Not sure if it brings any other updates (cannot find 3.06, 3.07 release notes, but for z410 someone mentioned fan ran on highest speed continiously with IdeaFan app, not sure if y510p recieved any updates regarding this). Laptops and netbooks :: IdeaPad Y Series laptops :: IdeaPad Y510p Notebook - Lenovo Support (US)
  10. Seems that it only fixed uefi bios security issue, where this new virus could write a program into uefi and control the computer. Any other news?
  11. I do not think it works with EVERY model, but as the model lists grows bigger, the better for the community, for all of us. For example I do not think it will work with Y50 or Y70 (anyone tried yet?). I have updated the title that Y580 works. Unfortunetely, I cannot update the thread title as seen in forums lists, only inside title. Not sure how to ask admin @admin, @administrator) to update the title or make thread sticky ant not confuse people that it this tread is only for y510p. - - - Updated - - - Oh, nice, thats Sandy Bridge architecture for you instead of Haswell. To be honest, recently I have got upgraded Haswell based Dekstop processor instead of Sandy Bridge. And sadly, it has the same problems as laptop does - throttling all over the place. Hrrr, intel failed big You are welcome, happy using. For now, do not think anybody's fan died because of this. But please, if anyone encounters fan replacement, please tell, it would help others to decide whether they want to use IdeaFan or not. Tried to refer to admin, hopefully it will catch attention and someone will be able to help changing it. Unfortunately, a lot of people tried meddling with this EC part but it seems it is locked. As so, cannot be used. Maybe if I had Y580 and EC is unlocked I would try something out. Or if its really unlocked, maybe it could be READ from Y580 eeprom to bin file and restored (WRITE) on y510p eeprom and we would be able to control it. If someone has PirateBus and has invested in Arduino parts and can read the microscheme to restore it if something bad happens, please try something out I am sure there is a simple solution to a problem, but how to get to it without investing too much time.. not sure yet.
  12. Thanks, MACKGEVER, I use it daily too now Im playing Planetside 2 and it really helps. Sadly, I do not think it is possible with current non-hacked EC firmware to control % of the fan. Not sure if anyone invested some time to hack it. Maybe its just not worth the time. - - - Updated - - - Hm, some of your programs are already using Ctrl+Shift+Q combination. Not sure which one, but maybe ideafan just cannot bind this. Not sure if anyone would benefit of introducing hotkey setting in INI file ? - - - Updated - - - Any would do. The problem with this laptop that pasting job is done very poorly, and any good repasting job with almost any paste would help you on critical temps. Then again, Arctic Silver 5 or if you have some more money GC Gelid Extreme would shave several more C. - - - Updated - - - May be a good suggestion to use 8gadget, but OpenHardwareMonitor provides interface to get the temperatures from the program into IdeaFan, not sure if 8gadget has got such interface.. - - - Updated - - - Same here during intensive gameplays, almost everyday.. Running for almost a year, fan still holds. If it can hold at least 1 year I think thats good, but should hold even more. - - - Updated - - - Well, fan always change speed, depending on what you do. Sometimes, it changes speeds at 1-2 setting interval is temperature is going around that and CPU spiking. And I am running it for almost a year, fan still holds. Not sure if its safe, just sharing my situation - - - Updated - - - Actually, speed itself cannot be controlled. Either dust function is enabled or not. Speed is internally controlled by EC firmware, which nobody has hacked and nobody in this forum knows how to modify unfortunately. - - - Updated - - - Hi. I think some other app is holding to Ctrl+Shift+Q key comibination and IdeaFan cannot start because of it. Please check if any other running program has key bindings to this key combination please. - - - Updated - - - Hm. You would need some hacking skills to hack through all the layers. If I remember correctly, it goes something like this: 64bit lenovo energy app, 32bit lenovo energy management dll, 64bit or 32bit windows driver dll, 64bit windows kernel functions. So you need to hack through all the layers to finally turn up and find that function. Well, in short, there is no such 1 program to do this. I think I used 2 or 3, at least 2 debuggers for 32 and for 64 version, and at least one other for windows kernel debugging.
  13. I am still using the same app with no further modifications myself almost daily (when I play some intensive game like Crysis 3 or Far Cry 4). My S and D buttons on keyboard even began to loose black paint, and now I can see red glowing buttons . My daily options, unchanged for a long time, are: [Options] Auto=1 maxT=90 timeoutBetween=0 timeDust=9197 sleepTime=2000 And yes, it is inconsistent and fluctuating at start.. but try leaving it running for 15 or 30 minutes. It tends to get better and somehow synchronizes better after some time. Maybe EC resets or something later on. I also play with sound from game which minimizes the sound from dust function inconsistency. It really makes difference for me. And I want CPU/GPU to be as COLD as possible. The colder the better - meaning I will own this laptop longer without needing to fix something in it. We, the community, really need to stick together against big corporations who cannot even make some software for EC controlling (ekhem, Lenovo ) or who disables overclocking (ekhem, Nvidia)..
  14. Ok, let me try. So the loop starts. Then it waits for timeoutBetween ms and starts the Dust function. It then waits for timeDust ms and stops the Dust function and restarts the loop. As far as I remember, latest version of IdeaFan has sleepTime completely disabled and is not using it. And its not the "cadence timing" which is off really, but there is no way to know when to kick of the process, because we cannot read the EC and identify the current status of Dust function.
  15. please guys, do not use it on your lap.. except if you will not be needing your balls at all later on =] same goes with mobile phone in your pants pocket ;o
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