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  1. Yep, didn't work. Nothing worked at all. I even opened the laptop and removed the bios battery to try and reset it with no luck.
  2. I was the one that tried to de-solder the battery and it didn't help (I left it off for a few hours). Somebody mentioned that there is some sort of memory built into the bios and it restores its self if there is a power loss.
  3. Just do what I do, I only put the ultrabay GPU into the laptop when I need it (very intense games), otherwise I just use the iGPU for everything or the single Nvidia GPU for medium gaming.
  4. Sorry, that is not possible. There are no setting that can be applied to increase fan speed. People on many different forums have tried to do this and nothing has worked. Somebody made a hack for the dust cleaner app to make the fan run on and off all the time but it didn't really help much (called Ideafan). - - - Updated - - - Sorry, that is not possible. It is a limit of the Optimus technology. You cannot run the integrated GPU when you have two Nivida GPUs installed (it is not possible). The only way to do this is by pulling the Ultrabay GPU, then you can use the Nvidia control panel to enable the iGPU or to switch between the two. But, as soon as you put the ultrabay GPU back in it will disable the iGPU. There is no hack to get around this and it is Nvidia's doing.
  5. They are still considered to be different. You can get them running in SLI with a bunch of hacks but getting them to boot requires a new whitelist removal hack in the bios.
  6. Sounds like you might have a bad one. SSD disappearance is often a sign of imminent SSD failure.
  7. I just said I was in the bios and when I rebooted nothing happened.
  8. Holly shit! Really? That is insane that a little under volting somehow killed the chip. I have a feeling the under volt didn't actually under volt if that is the case.
  9. I will probably flash mine again so I can upgrade my wifi but I won't try fooling around with any of the other settings any more.
  10. That was me. I removed the motherboard and de-soldered the bios battery in the hopes of re-setting my bios. It didn't work so I shipped it back to Lenovo and they fixed it under warranty. I am in Canada and I have an extended warranty, YMMV.
  11. I tried everything on mine with no luck (including what you described). It took me about 10 days to get my laptop back. I would NOT ship it with your 128GB SSD or any other aftermarket upgrades. Put it back to stock (Stock HDD/SDD/RAM/Etc) and when they get it they can do with it as they please.
  12. Sounds like what I did when I tried to undervolt in the bios. the only fix was to send it back to Lenovo and they replaced the mobo.
  13. If you have a non-working card you can send in the card and your laptop and they can now fix the problem but as far as I know they never sold working version and it is now discontinued.
  14. Those temps are at idle, try running something in SLI and see what happens. If you ulrabay card immediately throttles then you will have to reapply the paste. Any good paste will work.
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