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  1. Got it. So do I want to stop the fans so that they don't break, or does that just make it easier/possible for dust to come out? And assuming I don't have the mesh removed... Should I just take off the bottom panel?
  2. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to clean dust out of the y510p properly. I've watched a few disassembly vids and general laptop cleaning vids, but I'm confused as to whether or not I need to remove more than just the bottom panel to do this. I'd rather not take the keyboard off and everything if I don't have to, but that's why I'm posting here and asking. Also, I did a few searches on google and within this forum, so if this has been answered before, I deeply apologize. Thanks in advance!
  3. For y510p owners (and anyone else), what do you think of the new nVidia drivers? They seem to have finally fixed that pesky SLI issue, unless I had one of those lucky ACIII plays where it just works. Anyone else?
  4. Exactly. I'm already cutting it closely enough with this rig. Losing extra power for no reason sucks. Although, by the same token, the old drivers run slower. I hope they fix this soon!
  5. No need to get like that; I've done my searching. Just have noticed this since I updated the drivers and figured this was something specifically related to the 750M being a relatively new card. Hopefully nvidia will fix it soon-- I hate having to use the older drivers :/
  6. Whenever I enable v-sync in a game that utilizes SLI, it is rendered virtually unplayable due to this constant flicker. I clean installed the drivers I have (331.40) and Assassin's Creed III worked... once. Now it's all screwed up again. I set a framecap in MSI Afterburner on-screen display at 59 and then 58 and certain games, such as Mirror's Edge and Skyrim, are sort of fixed (menus still flicker and the environment will as well every now and then. This is frustrating because I've had all of these games work correctly on my computer before without a hint of this. Also, turning off v-sync stops this completely but looks atrocious due to tearing, and since it has worked in the past with v-sync, I don't understand why I should compromise it. I've also tried triple-buffering (evidently only works in open GL? Someone correct me?) but it does nothing. I'm hoping someone has had this problem here and knows what to do. Thank you in advance. EDIT: If a mod could change my title to "Frustrating.....enabled" since I'm apparently so frustrated I cannot spell correctly
  7. I've never pasted anything before -- this is my first half-decent computer because I always had a horrible HTPC.
  8. The ultra-bay gpu maxed at 97 while playing Crysis 1 for about an hour. I'm assuming overclocking is out of the question. All settings were maxed and I got about 45FPS average, though I had to have 8x AA rather than 16Q. Is this safe or am I screwed? There wasn't a hint of throttling but I'm a bit scared. Confusing that I can't game evidently.
  9. Well, I certainly didn't just do that. I just looked at what other people did with my exact same GPU and computer setup and tried it out. However, games seem to freeze and crash even without the GPU overclock.
  10. I figured it had to be on my GPU's end. My question here is, most people with this laptop seem to be able to go as far as 135/400 without problems. Am I doomed to have to clock even lower than what I was set at, or not overclock at all? What can I do to have a stable OC? As you can tell, I'm new to overclocking. Never had a computer with decent power behind it, so it's an area of computers I'm just unfamiliar with. Thank you!
  11. Alright, so I first noticed this when playing Mirror's Edge. What will happen is, a while into playing, the graphics will simply freeze but the music will continue to play. Eventually, the screen begins to flash and I have to reboot. This happened a few times, so I set ThrottleStop's multiplier to 32 instead of 34. However, for whatever reason when I'm merely in Windows doing whatever, the mouse will freeze into place sometimes. This has happened twice. The first time, I waited a few seconds and it ended up working fine. The second time, I tried hitting the window button, it switched to the tile screen, and then stayed frozen there, regardless of what I did. Had to force shut down. My question is, what is causing this and how can I prevent it? I also have both 750Ms overclocked but only 135MHz core and 300MHz memory, which are supposed to be stable (not saying they are or aren't). Thank you in advance, just trying to figure out a way to get the best combination of performance and stability :\
  12. GPU needs to have pasta on it, or else it will get hungry and overheat
  13. Why is it that, from the day I got my y510p, it seems that at least 2GB of RAM are ALWAYS taken up? Is that just how things work these days (sorry, this is my first computer in about four years and the other got struck by lightning...twice. I'm a bit out of the loop)?
  14. So I mainly use my computer for emulators (specifically Dolphin), and I managed to get Mario Galaxy running in 1080p at ~60fps, give or take. My question is this: When I use ThrottleStop 6.00 beta 1 and disable BD PROCHOT while setting the multiplier to 34 for all cores (so as to give the processor a constant 3.4GHz without throttling), I end up getting a max of around 87 degrees C in BurnInTest. Since you guys know this computer much better than I do, would you say it's safe for me to continue doing this? I understand that the Tjunction is 100 for the i7 4700MQ. Also, I use a cooling pad if that means anything.
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