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  1. reminds me of some of the old cable modems that had the serial connection disabled. We actually scrapped away the protective coating on top of the processor chip and soldered wires directly to the chip to enable the serial connection. Very difficult mod, but was able to do it. If we can find out exactly how it was disables or what part of the chip is dedicated to it it may be possible to find a way to enable it. But finding out is the hard part. Thanks, RB8720
  2. So how does the laptop determine to throttle or not. By voltage supply available? I'll right up a test adapter and see how it works.
  3. anyone got a circuit diagram on the y500 motherboard. Guess I need start searching for datasheets as well.
  4. My daughter spiller a small amount of water on my wife's laptop that was on and plugged in. When the wife grabbed it I saw the lights go out. No charging light no nothing. I have looks as best I could for damaged components but it's not that easy to find with such small low voltage components. Is there a way to run any test to determine what is fried. I have the equipment and skills to replace any of the surface mount components. Also, would this type of accident typically destroy the processor as well? If I can fix, wondering if I can just by MB or will I likely have to buy both. Thanks RB8720
  5. What if we made an adaptor to connect the battery via the dc Jack port? I know the laptop can run on charger without battery in, but not sure if the battery would have enough juice to power it through that jack. RB8720
  6. I have been doing a lot of reading trying to find out how to enable the supposedly integrated HD4000 graphics on my y500. I have seen many post about it being disabled. But what I can't seem to find a definite answer on is if it is only disabled vie software or has it been Physically disabled on the motherboard smehow. IE. Resistor not on board, missing trace etc... Does anyone know the answer to this and If i missed it here in another thread I apologize. I would be willing to try some board mods if we have a good theory on how it was disabled. Thanks RB8720
  7. Hey guys, Glad to be a part of this forum. I was in the sat box hobby for a while and gained quite a bit of skill at board level hardware mods and some software but I am a bit rusty. I was one of the people who helped develop the Halo 2 doubleshot mod and other controller mods back in the day. WAs fun until everyone jumped on board and commercialized it. Got out of the electronics hobby for a while and started building guns, AK47 variants mostly and others. Just another hobby to help me relax. Knowing that my Y500 isn't reaching it's full potential is dragging me back in. Thanks RB8720
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