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  1. Not possible to disable iGpus with present generation of cards as the dGpu uses the integrated gpu to render content. The newer dGpu have no direct sight to the output unlike the previous versions where we could disable optimus.
  2. Tried to run the backup.bat file and got a error 103, any solutions? EDIT: It ran after restart. Installed nicely, however there overclocking is not unlocked in 2.04. I presume its still in works. @svl7 When are you planning to release the oc version for 2.04, 2.07. I am a programmer myself, if you want I can help you out. Regards
  3. The lenovo y510p has no thunderbolt or express card but it does come with their own ultrabay technology by which you can add another graphics card inside a socket which hold in place of the DVD drive once you take it out. Apparently the ultrabay is a pcie 3 implementation. So I was thinking if its possible to DIY eGPU. I think besides the basic setup of eGPU one might need a specialized connector for the Ultrabay. Has anyone done it. Can anyone guide me to DIY?
  4. Like I said it does not work for few games even after choosing high performance or setting global settings. I think it has something to do with optimus.
  5. Apparently its because of driver issues. The game is being run by the integrated card. I had this problem on bf4, updating drivers from lenovo site fixed the problem. Its important you update from lenovo and not nvidia.
  6. I have already overclocked the new gt755m to 1228mhz core and 5800mhz men. Hope to oc another +250 once I get the nodded BIOS. Anyone to care to enlighten me on how to tweak voltage to bring down temps?
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