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  1. Zanna

    Y500 Overheating?

    Yes, disabling hyperthreading will probably cool down the CPU and, by extension, your main GPU because they share the same heatsink/fan. How much of a difference it makes for these notebook CPU's, though, i don't know. I know it makes a significant difference on my 45nm i7-930 when overclocking, but then again the Nehalem processors definitely ran hot compared to successor chips.
  2. Zanna

    24gb cache repurpose

    The easiest way is probably just taking out the mSATA completely before you install, format, and load Windows into your new SSD. If I were you, though, I'd consider maybe getting a nice 120/128 or 240/256 mSATA SSD to replace your current one and maybe leave the mechanical drive as a storage drive for media and backups.
  3. I'm inclined to believe that it requires the modified BIOS because the display you installed is not whitelisted. The new screen is not an OEM replacement, right?
  4. Thanks a ton to svl7 and anyone else that contributed knowledge for this arduous process - I probably would've made a lot of missteps if others hadn't already done it and shared their experience. I spent part of the weekend hunting down flash drives, my windows keys, a good win 7 Pro ISO and finally I have this laptop configured the way I wish it was from the factory. I learned a lot in the process about flashing as well - it is now a lot less scary than when I first started reading about it. Now I have the 2.04 unlocked bios, an unlocked ultra-bay GT 650M with the custom vBIOS, and a clean Win 7 Pro X64 installation, working SLI with the custom Ultra-Bay vBios, and a working Express Cache for the 16GB mSATA SSD. Well, I guess the only other things I would've wanted would be a free 9 Cell Battery and functional Optimus but I suppose those are a matter of hardware.
  5. If the superglue doesn't work for whatever reason, the next stop up would be some JB Kwik - it'll take a bit longer to cure to the point where you can start applying some torque to back the screw out, but it'll be a significantly stronger bond.
  6. I've been an Arctic Cooling fan for a while, I used to use MX-2 to pretty much everything - easier to apply and clean than AS5, performs as well or better, is relatively cheap, and no conductivity risks. I did purchase a stick of MX-4 for when I run out of MX-2, but it's definitely pricier... I'm willing to spend extra to see if there are any improvements with the new formulation though. I heard some horror stories about MX-3, so I just skipped that stuff completely.
  7. Ever since I got a glossy screen on my Dell Vostro 1500 years and years ago I've been wishing that more of my displays had it. Hell, I wish my desktop monitor had it - it just helps the screen "pop" and look better than its specs would imply. I mean, I guess if it were a workstation where any kind of distraction or reflection would end up really bothering you, then matte would be the way to go. Glossy on laptops can make sense when they're 15.6" and larger, I think. Those kinds of laptops are more likely to be used as Desktop Replacements, so heavy glare from the sun isn't quite as big a concern, whereas the improved image quality would get you a better experience for gaming and video media consumption.
  8. Well, seeing as how my Y500 is a borderline DTR notebook I prefer carrying it in a high quality backpack - usually I'm also bring my charger and mouse along so a smaller carrier just doesn't have the capacity to fit everything comfortably. If you need to bring your workhorse into a conservative professional setting, though, it'll still be best to stick with the old fashioned messenger bag/briefcase.
  9. I'm personally not a Mac fan either, but I recognize that user experience does matter - so I'm not going to hate on people who prefer using OSX. I just can't get myself to support Apple though. They can argue that their proprietary silliness is about "pushing the envelope" and "innovating" all they want, but all they're trying to do is muscle people towards their products and "lifestyle".
  10. I don't think so - it's soldered directly onto the motherboard. If you want a graphics upgrade, your only option is pretty much buying an matching ultrabay card for SLI (if you don't have one already). Theoretically if you knew how to solder and de-solder BGA's you could replace the GPU... maybe.
  11. Well, I feel like the overheating issue might be resolvable with a bit of modding - namely reapplying a quality thermal paste and use of a cooling stand that can direct air at the air intakes - but I would be more concerned about the stability of SLI and the features of the laptop. Maybe I'm just too used to desktops, but I was really excited to get my Y500 SLI only to realize that Windows 8.1 caused a bunch of problems and the locked down bios is a pain as well.
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