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  1. Ok cool. But im not able to run the tool. I posted a picture above of the error message I'm getting - - - Updated - - - Ohh Ok. Thanks for clearing that up Oct
  2. I thought i was following the directions in order... To create the modified bios I need to use the fpt flash tool, correct? After i make the modded bios then I move everything onto the flash drive.
  3. yeah sorry im new at this. So I was able to make backup bios (thanks again) but i'm not able to run the flash tool, it just gives me this error message... Im sure its something simple, I just dont know enough about computers to figure it out myself Really appreciate the help
  4. Bruxc your the fuckin man. haha damn cant believe it was that easy. Thanks a million
  5. Alright so I am new to overclocking and thought I would try it on my y500 sli on bios v.2.02. But I ran into some problems that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with. I was able to put dos on my flashdrive, but when i try to create a backup of my bios I keep running into problems. I tried using the ftpbios program and got this error message... I got that message after I ran the .bat file, and i tried running it as an administrator, but that didnt do anything. So after that I used the win64 version and tried doing the same thing and got a "fptw64.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command. operable program or batch. Ive done hours of reading through forums (mostly this one) and cant find anything. Also Ive tried replacing the fparts doc and it didnt help. Any help what so ever will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everybody, I am in the market for a new laptop that will fit my needs as well as not break the bank ($1000-1500 range). I like to do some light gaming, but I read that there are much more games for PC then for mac. But isnt it possible to run windows 7 on macbook pros? This is my first post so sorry if I sound like a noob, but i look forward to what you guys think. thanks
  7. I just got my y500 a few weeks ago and the transition from Windows 7 to 8 wasn't that difficult. I found that I would get stuck every once in a while, but easier then switching from xp to 7.
  8. You can disable the second gpu in the control panel, so it's as if your laptop only has 1 graphics card.
  9. I had a SanDisk ultra plus ssd when I first got my y500 and damn it was quick. But i quickly found out that 250gb was not going to be big enough so I switched back to the stock 1tb 5400rpm hdd :/
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