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  1. I certainly do agree about the tablet screens with the finger prints and such...i call em fingerprint magnets lol
  2. Thought I would give my impression of my new christmas present to myself! GOOD Compared to my inspiron e1705 this thing is light! Screen is just short of perfection imo Camera is sharp Although Dell says 8GB ram is max its running fine with 16GB! I thought I wouldn't like the space between the keys but its not quite so bad now that I have gotten accustomed to it everything upgrade-able is in a section under a single cover ram, msata,wifi,hdd The GPU is phenomenal! I am running Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Hitman absolution, Borderlands 2, Skyrim and WoW at MAX settings without any issues except with hitman in crowded areas NOT SO GOOD Laptop gets hot when gaming which is understandable however the heat build up is felt right under your left hand when it is placed over wasd keys. I wish there were hardware switches for volume\mute and wi fi on\off No gigabit network Everything plugs in on the side instead of the back but that may be just a preference It feels poorly made...if you grab the computer with one hand at the corner of the palmrest with the lid open you will feel the plastic pieces pop out of the seams...nothing deal breaking but my e1705 was solid hardware raid would have been cool as well J
  3. Ever since I saw my first glossy screen on a 50" screen many years ago I just cant stand anything else. In fact I almost didnt get my new dell 7720 this christmas because the guy I was buying it from sent me an anti-glare screen when I asked for glossy...then crap got all messed up with return shipping times during the holidays...anyway which do you all prefer and why? J
  4. I realize this is an old thread but I figure someone could use my opinion..I have an 32gb ASUS TF101 with the additional keyboard that houses an extra battery and a trackpad. Its quick and runs android ice cream sandwich. overall I am pleased. I have had a couple issues that required reboots but I have since learned that if anything weird happens a re boot fixes the issue. Its not as high resolution as ipad w/ retina display but 1280x800 is still quite good. I use it for e books at school as well as taking notes. I like having multi touch screne too. I am coming from a first gen ipad and it is one heck of a jump. my only issue is landscape mode is just a bit too wide to type two handed.
  5. Just got Dell 7720 and I play this MAXED out on the gt650m stock vbios...I dont usually go for FPS but I like this one!
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