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  1. Where do you think I'd get the most money for a used notebook, only five months old? Should I go the eBay route? Craigslist (which I've never used before...too many weirdos)? Or is there another option? I've looked on eBay and found some new Y510p notebooks, but I didn't find any used ones to compare what I'm wanting vs reality. Just need a little advice, perhaps someone here has sold a slightly used notebook before. Thanks.
  2. For me, matte all the way. Sometimes you just wanna use your notebook outdoors, and with a glossy screen it can be impossible to see. I've fallen in love with my matte screen and wouldn't want anything else.
  3. Thread is a bit old but I'll post my recommendation for others. I've found the Swiss Army backpacks to have great quality. A simple sleeve or thin tote wouldn't work for me...my backpack is basically a man purse. But the reason I recommend them is they are durable, last a long time and have lots of storage pockets. They also have a lot of styles on their website or you can go to Best Buy and choose from their stock.
  4. So I have a Y510p and it was a warranty replacement for my Y580 which had major issues. Lenovo replaced the Y580 with the Y510p and while it is an ok laptop, certain things about it drive me crazy and I'm ready for a new one. Other than Lenovo, Sony or Asus, what is a notebook around the $1000 - $1200 range that will be comparable to the specs of the Y510p, but allow me to change internal components without hacking the BIOS. My biggest problem is with the Intel 2230 and I'd seriously get rid of a notebook over the wifi card. But I just don't like the laptop overall. Not to mention Lenovo tech support and the Lenovo website have got to be the worst. The Y510p specs are: Core i7-4700MQ GeForce GT 750M 8 GB DDR III 24 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD Blu-ray RW-drive Full HD matte display Intel 2230 Wireless N
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