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  1. Hi, Where can I find the compatible keyboard product-codes for E6440 ? I need to order a backlit GREEK keyboard with pointer to replace the German keyboard. I search ebay and cannot find anything. Is there a list of compatible produces & codes ?
  2. @svl7 My Y510p came with 3.05. So I flasehd to original 2.07 and then to modded 2.07 (whitelist only) and used an KillerNic card afterwards. So at this moment I am running a modded 2.07. I have also kept the original 3.05 bios as a backup accordingly to the 305->207->207modded procedure back then.So my questions is, The procedure to go from 2.07modded to 3.05modded should be : (1) Download the files for the v3.05 mod, put the files of folder [1] to the root of your prepared USB DOS stick. (2) Let the BiosFixer prepare your BIOS for flashing by drag and dropping your 3.05 backup file on it. Put the created "v305mod.bin" file to the root of your USB DOS drive as well. (3) Boot from your USB DOS drive, when you see the command prompt type BIOS and hit enter. Wait until the BIOS (3.05 modded) is flashed (you can safely ignore warnings about non-existing regions). (4) Once the BIOS flash completed with no errors, type EC and hit enter. Wait until the EC is flashed. Then reboot. (5) Go to the BIOS setup menu, load the default settings, apply and reboot. or must first flash EC (step4) and then flaseh modded 3.05 (step 3) ??? Thank you !!
  3. You are at the right place. The Y510p (and Y410P) have "locked" bios so it doesn't allow such a change. You new to "flash" a new unlocked bios for this. So read this thread from the beginning, you will find ALL necessary information on how to flash an unlocked bios so you can alter your wifi card.
  4. Hi! I send the flashchk.zip to the friend and he send me back this file attached. I told him to run it from a bootable DOS USB/Stick. FLASHGEN.BIN.zip
  5. tifozif1

    the new Y50/40

    Its about the same as the 770M GTX with the 2/3 of the consumption (consumption ---> heat).
  6. @razerjon24 Look here http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/5405-please-make-modded-y510p-bios-based-74cn44ww-v3-05-a.html no problems with sli reported
  7. tifozif1

    the new Y50/40

    860m looks VERY promising. Too bad I have ordered Y510p (single 755M) already and is in the post office waiting for me
  8. Thank you I will seed as much as I can
  9. Have you checked the power saving options ? :____@____@____ sent from my padόφλα ____@____@____:
  10. Hello all. I am from Greece and I am a developer with a hobby of overclocking and hw junky. :____@____@____ sent from my padόφλα ____@____@____:
  11. Why I am thinking that most of these problems are due to windows8 ? I ordered my Y510p without an OS, and I am going to install Win7 Ult. 64bit. :____@____@____ sent from my padόφλα ____@____@____:
  12. Yes, I am aware of that ! @golfguy251 Any thoughts on the 7260 - 1202N dilemma ?
  13. any news on this ? I need a "modded" G510 bios for a friend
  14. Another question; the Intel 2230 is very bad card ? Why the Y510p owners buy 7260 or KillerNIC ? Which is the best for this laptop and for the antenas it has ? @___@___@ sent from tapatalk @__@__@
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