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  1. i didnt do anything else other than i turned off bluetooth under airplane mode. it works but half the time. to sleep it might take one or two tries.
  2. I found it under y410p owners thread of notebookreview
  3. is there a guide out there on how to change settings in relations to 24gb cache? i am installing a new ssd and dont have any use for the extra 24gb cache. not sure where the settings are in relations to this.
  4. nxh145

    Y500 Overheating?

    consider adding a notebook cooler underneath.
  5. generally intel wifi gives the best most stable results from what i experienced (better interoperability with intel MB, better support, more stable, less likely to break, etc).
  6. the answer does not seem definitive, anyone else with the aforementioned with problem. I have the same problem and it was mentioned elsewhere it is not sata3 rather sata2 instead.
  7. was the cause an accident or repeated use of the hinge?
  8. its ashame whitelisting an innoculous item such as a wireless card. it would be great if lenovo just listened to the people and allowed us to modify our hardware after we paid for it.
  9. wondering if this unlocked bios will be updated for version 3.
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